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Coolpad files Chinese FRAND litigation against Pantech

Battle of two once-notable smartphone brands emerges in Shenzhen, with one pivoting to patent licensing and another seeking to stage a commercial comeback

22 March 2022

Sanofi scores $300 million in unusual royalty deal

Deal announced by French pharma giant this week is highly distinctive, but also reflects several recent trends in the booming drug revenue market

17 March 2022

Vivo sues Nokia in China over FRAND rates

Reports suggest the companies are engaged in a patent licensing dispute as they re-negotiate a previous deal to include 5G coverage

16 March 2022

LG Electronics to pull out of solar panel business in sequel to smartphone exit

In a familiar story, LG is set to exit another major operating segment in which it owns some of the strongest patent holdings

15 March 2022

Medical device maker is latest to tap secondary market for wireless patents

A recent deal shows that a wider selection of corporates are exploring acquisition opportunities and working with custom R&D labs

08 March 2022

Platform technology owners demand a chunk of Moderna’s covid-19 revenues

Arbutus Biopharma and Genevant Sciences have filed suit against the vaccine innovator

07 March 2022

How NDAs between potential business partners can be used to prohibit or permit IPR petitions

Chief IP counsel must know how to use recent Federal Circuit precedent to draft non-disclosure agreements that either allow or block future IPRs based on their business needs

04 March 2022

US brokered patent market worth $166 million in 2021, new report finds

Survey of deals forms part of wider IAM Q1 2022 Special Report on patent transactions now available to subscribers

03 March 2022

The brokered patent market in 2021

Featured in Special Report 2022 Q1: Patent Dealmaking

ROI’s latest report on sales activity and reflections on 10 years of market tracking

02 March 2022

The life science royalty sales market

Featured in Special Report 2022 Q1: Patent Dealmaking

Some of the highest-value deals in intellectual property today are taking place in the burgeoning marketplace for revenue streams linked to pharmaceutical products

02 March 2022

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