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The patent licensing market is working, so let it be

A string of deals announced during December and the beginning of January send a very clear message to policymakers and regulators

12 January 2023

Royalty Pharma strikes another $1 billion dollar deal to acquire patent-backed revenue rights

Sales of drug earnings streams is an increasingly popular means of monetising life sciences innovations

10 January 2023

F-Star buyout delay shows growing national security disruption to patent dealmaking

Purchase by Sino Biopharm subsidiary has been put on hold by US authorities

04 January 2023

Nine vehicle OEMs under Huawei licence as frenzied deal-making closes out 2022

Chinese company also extends 2017 patent licence agreement with Nokia

23 December 2022

Second buyer emerges in bid for BlackBerry’s 38,000 patents

New contender is a large firm that does not need external financing but original buyer Catapult IP Innovations is now in final negotiations with new financial partners

21 December 2022

Takeda agrees to pay $6 billion for AI-designed drug

The agreement is one of the largest single-asset deals of all time

19 December 2022

Amgen’s $28 billion Horizon buyout is the latest deal driven by patent cliff fears

The year’s largest acquisition sees several IP-backed rare disease treatments change hands

15 December 2022

Patent transactions in Q3 2022

Featured in Secondary Market Activity

Data platform changes at the USPTO may mean transactions are being recorded more slowly than usual, says AST

08 December 2022

Merck’s $1.35 billion purchase is the latest deal driven by patent cliff fears

Imago BioSciences buyout is intended to diversify the company’s revenue streams

28 November 2022

Your guide to synthetic drug royalty dealmaking

Selling revenue streams is an increasingly important way of monetising pharma innovations

16 November 2022

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