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Patent pools pass the antitrust test and are here to stay, say IAM event delegates

As long as key issues of concern are always addressed, collective licensing will continue to get regulatory sign-off

27 September 2022

Patent transactions in Q2 2022

Featured in Secondary Market Activity

Data from AST shows that wider economic uncertainties had an impact on secondary market activity between April and June with deal numbers falling to under 300

16 September 2022

Forma Therapeutics $1.1 billion buyout shows high demand for orphan drug IP

Patent-backed rare disease innovations secure more M&A/licensing investment than any pharma assets outside oncology

07 September 2022

Why the Unitary Patent is not uniform and how this will affect patent transactions

With the inauguration of the UP regime in 2023 and the effects that it will have on patent transactions and deals, companies should be up to speed on which national law will apply to their granted UPs and whether they would benefit from restructuring their European operations.

31 August 2022

$600 million BlackBerry patent deal still alive despite exit of key financial backer

Third Eye Capital syndicate due to provide $400 million for the purchase of the portfolio pulls out, but replacements are said to be on hand

31 August 2022

Merck’s $3.5 billion deal reflects surging interest in fast-moving RNA IP landscape

Innovations in the space are attracting growing attention from investors and Big Pharma

29 August 2022

Hyundai and Kia take Avanci licences ahead of September price hike

The two companies, along with Genesis, are the first big Asian auto brands to sign up to the platform’s 2G-4G offering and do so a week before the cost increases from $15 to $20 per vehicle

25 August 2022

Limitation of goods or services for trademark registration in China

Brand owners are advised to weigh up their business needs when deciding whether to file a national application with the CNIPA or for international registration through the Madrid Protocol (designating China).

24 August 2022

Top university IP head voices concerns about new UK foreign investment law

Imperial College tech transfer chief Vjera Magdalenic-Moussavi says the recent legislation puts dealmaking in danger

23 August 2022

Intel’s mega monetisation deal with IPValue may raise eyebrows but makes perfect sense

The chipmaker spawned the term “patent troll” and has been highly critical of NPEs, but negative business headwinds mean that putting its world-class portfolio of IP assets to work is a no brainer

19 August 2022

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