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Judgment preservation insurance in patent appeals: Is a bubble brewing?

Saturday Opinion: These policies now back headline-grabbing nuclear patent verdicts but we fear insurers don’t understand the risk and this bubble could pop. Disclosure rules could help

06 January 2024

Secondary patent market for video streaming assets heating up

NPEs are looking for patents to assert not only against device makers – Apple, Google, Samsung – but also leading video streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu

12 December 2023

A new job in the patent world: IP finance and insurance strategic advisors

The burgeoning market for IP-backed collateralised lending wrapped with insurance cover has grown to the point to support new IP consultancy practices. IAM spoke to the head of one, Aaric Eisenstein

06 December 2023

Patent transactions in Q3 2023

Featured in Secondary Market Activity

The latest AST Patent Deals Report shows assets being transacted by the likes of Huawei and Intel on the sell side, and Philips and Softbank on the buy side

24 November 2023

BlackBerry argues contract expired in Tech+IP transaction fee spat

The Canadian company alleges its agreement with the financial advisory firm could not be extended orally during a New York hearing over the sale of 32,000 patents

11 October 2023

Blockchain patent assets are hot but hard to find on the secondary market

Data indicates the start of an uptrend in blockchain portfolios for sale but supply is still too low to meet the needs of would-be buyers from a multitude of industries

03 October 2023

IAM Market moves to the IAM platform

The global marketplace allows IP rights owners to present assets for license, sale or transfer to our unique audience of senior decision takers and deal makers

21 September 2023

Via LA exits Alium O-RAN patent pool, leaving Unified Patents to administrate

“In 2022 we chose to wind down our wireless patent pools. Consistent with that decision, we are also exiting the Alium partnership,” states Via LA President Heath Hoglund

19 September 2023

South Korea’s IP-backed lending market growth exceeds targets

Although heavy reliance on government-backed initiatives creates uncertain future for IP holders

19 September 2023

TCL signs licence with Via LA’s ATSC 3.0 broadcasting patent pool

Via LA’s pool, which has 14 licensors, used to offer a rate of $2.75 per unit but has dropped it to $0.30 with an early-bird discount

18 September 2023

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