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Featured in Special Report 2023 Q4: IP Disruptors 2024: The companies and people driving change and upending IP norms

25 January 2024

Philips-Oppo patent deal; EU chases Chinese Nokia-Oppo ruling; Brazilian Netflix injunction; Ravgen bags multimillion dollar award; crucial SEP regulation vote ahead; plus much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

21 January 2024

All eyes are on the EUIPO in 2024

Saturday Opinion: The EUIPO is embarking on a busy year – and that’s before the SEP policy question is answered. As concerns over the transparency of its leadership selection processes surface, it is critical that it remains focused on its core users

20 January 2024

EU office slated to maintain SEP register faces leadership selection process complaints

A former candidate in the race has voiced concerns over the transparency of the selection process at the EUIPO, following a complaint filed at the European Anti-fraud Office

19 January 2024

South Korean office has ambitious plans for IP finance future

KIPO has pledged to increase the size of the country’s IP financing market and “lay the groundwork” for brand-backed financing

10 January 2024

How the US Supreme Court affected the lives of US IP lawyers in 2023

The Amgen patent enablement ruling was 2023’s crowning gem but the US Supreme Court also issued major trademark decisions and has a host of patent appeals pending

29 December 2023

Goodbye IAM and thank-you

After 31 years, Joff Wild - our former editor-in-chief - brings down the curtain on his career in IP journalism

21 December 2023

Hubei High Court upholds 10-million yuan damages award to Michelin for misuse of Cantonese name

The long-awaited verdict in the Michelin dispute offers welcome clarity to rights holders that companies should utilise their well-known trademark status rather than resort to defensive trademarks.

13 December 2023

European Court of Justice sets milestone in 3D trademark validity in Vespa dispute

The European Court of Justice has overturned an EUIPO ruling against Italian company Vespa, finding its conclusions to be flawed. The court’s decision provides much-needed clarity on the validity of 3D trademarks and the level of distinctiveness that is required.

13 December 2023

Right-to-repair bills push chief IP offers to adjust patent strategies in Canada

IP-owning companies need to re-evaluate their patent strategies in the wake of Quebec’s right-to-repair bill and a Canada-wide bill on technical protection measures

06 December 2023

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