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New commercial ecosystem for trade secrets on the cards, says first-ever specialist insurance provider

Mary Guzman of Crown Jewel Insurance speaks to IAM about the burgeoning trade secrets service sector

21 March 2023

Uncovering US trade secret case trends

Docket Navigator data shows the top courts, judges, and parties of 2022 – and reveals trends in new federal trade secrets cases in the US

13 March 2023

A fresh brew: revitalising Starbucks’ patent strategy

IP director Russ Jacobs sits down with IAM to discuss his ‘programmatic approach’ to the coffee chain’s intellectual assets

03 March 2023

Global tax revolution will put corporate IP strategies under far greater scrutiny

New rules on transfer pricing drawn up by the OECD, which could be adopted by authorities in well over 100 countries, are set to have a major impact on how businesses manage their intangible assets

16 February 2023

Revealed: The IPBC Global 2023 agenda

IP leaders will gather in San Diego in June to hash-out major and emerging industry issues

15 February 2023

GC of Australian mining tech company on ‘intense’ US ITC victory in global patent battle

Michael Tomasz hails result as a ‘strong outcome for IP protection’ in exclusive IAM interview

14 February 2023

Inside the IP strategy of Chinese EV startup Xpeng Motors

IP director Woods Zhao discusses using patents to drive the company’s business

14 February 2023

The challenges that trade secrets pose to IP stakeholders

For companies, policy makers and service providers, the growing importance of know-how as a quantifiable asset presents dangers and opportunities

02 February 2023

New US trade secrets law a ‘potential sledgehammer’ in dispute negotiations

President can now pick out foreign entities and subject them to a series of sanctions

01 February 2023

The FTC’s war against US technology competition with China

Saturday Opinion: Supporting the legality of fair non-compete agreements will enhance foreign investors’ reasonable expectations of protection by the US IP system

28 January 2023

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