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The IP dangers in life sciences collaborations and how to avoid them

Partnership agreements are a growing part of the biopharma R&D process, so anticipating potential pitfalls in such arrangements is vital

14 June 2021

Research confirms trade secret protection now a major boardroom issue

Multi-jurisdictional survey of over 300 senior executives in six industries identifies cybersecurity and employee leaks as the two major vulnerabilities

09 June 2021

Battle over aircraft start-up shows why Chinese investments fuel IP fears

Investors file Delaware lawsuit in bid to block IP deal with Chinese company

09 June 2021

South Korea’s strategic approach to IP sets up key global deals

Agreements around chips and vaccines show that IP-related issues are high on the diplomatic agendas of advanced economies

08 June 2021

Zespri asks kiwifruit growers to explore a deal in China to address unauthorised plantings

Co-operative of New Zealand producers warns that plant variety litigation is unlikely to succeed on its own

02 June 2021

Xi Jinping throws weight behind TRIPS waiver, but don’t expect China to invoke flexibilities

Chinese leader called on the WTO to make an “early decision” on whether to suspend IP protections for covid-19 vaccinations

26 May 2021

President Biden finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place on the covid vaccine IP waiver

The administration's backing for a suspension looks increasingly like coming with heavy political and economic costs

21 May 2021

Beware unintended consequences of proposals to tackle IP theft, warns trade secrets guru

With a growing number of bills aimed at China, Jim Pooley warns that harsh measures could prompt a tit-for-tat response against US rights owners

10 May 2021

Biden’s backing for the covid vaccine IP waiver should concern all rights owners

This week’s unprecedented move raises a series of worrying questions and puts in doubt the administration’s commitment to fostering innovative activity

08 May 2021

Biden backs covid-19 IP waiver in historic US policy shift

Landmark move suggests realignment in America’s domestic and international healthcare IP stance

06 May 2021

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