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Samsung, LG and South Korea’s trade secrets dilemma

The long read: Few countries are more focused on the threat of IP leaks to China than South Korea. But when it comes to shoring up legal protections for trade secrets, senior leaders have put on the brakes, anticipating threats to key industry players and national technology goals

03 March 2021

China’s top court hands out record trade secrets award

The $25 million ruling comes in a clash between two of the world’s biggest producers of vanillin, a synthetic alternative to vanilla

26 February 2021

What life sciences businesses need to know about data commercialisation

A strategy for protecting and exploiting data is now a must for entities involved in healthcare research

25 February 2021

Seven top IP tips for biotech SMEs

How smaller biotechs can best overcome pitfalls and maximise the value of their inventions

18 February 2021

How SMEs can use IP to secure success in the new data-fuelled AI paradigm

The long read: Data does not have to be an opportunity just for the biggest players, smaller businesses can also get in on the act – but only if they think carefully about IP strategy

17 February 2021

Ford CEO weighs in on “really embarrassing” South Korean battery trade secrets fight

With the auto giant set for a high-profile roll out of several new electric vehicles, the dispute between LG Chem and SK Innovation is once again in the spotlight

12 February 2021

“It’s really embarrassing” - LG and SK feel the political heat ahead of US trade secrets decision

South Korean PM’s comments show that IP enforcement does not happen in a vacuum

01 February 2021

Allergan’s Botox trade secrets win at the ITC underlines its growing importance in life sciences IP disputes

Victory for the US company and its Korean partner Medytox shows how Section 337 proceedings are becoming a vital enforcement tool for pharma and biotech rights owners

26 January 2021

Why F1 teams need to do more with IP

Many are looking for opportunities to expand their technology into other areas of the auto sector, but to do so effectively a greater focus on patents is essential

13 January 2021

Surprise change to FDA Purple Book creates risks and opportunities for biosimilar producers

A US patent transparency amendment has mixed implications for the strategies pursued by biologics copycat producers

07 January 2021

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