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Elon Musk’s accusations of trade secrets breaches by Threads staff will put management style in spotlight

A warning letter alleging infringement by ex-Twitter staff needs to be backed by robust internal policies to carry weight

12 July 2023

Entering the fascinating world of IP – my second career as a trade secrets reporter

Saturday opinion: IAM reporter Maia Biermann speaks about her background and how she became interested in trade secrets, one of the most dynamic topics in IP

08 July 2023

Interest in trade secrets enforcement on the up in China

A 2019 law change, relatively large damages awards and creeping criminal enforcement sends strong signal to IP owners doing business in and with China

05 July 2023

Top takeaways from IAM’s first Trade Secrets Strategy Europe

Delegates were thirsty for information and advice as protecting innovations using trade secrets becomes an increasingly pressing concern

30 June 2023

Demonstrating trade secret value key in US database dispute

IP managers should pay attention to appellate court ruling which determined Risk Based Security failed to prove independent economic value

28 June 2023

Five IP protection strategies to harness the big data opportunity

Today’s big data trend is driving demand for strategic IP advice, and the best plans contain a holistic mix of these five protection regimens

23 June 2023

Graphene pioneer Paragraf uses IP to lead the way

IP Head Anne McAleer speaks to IAM about patents, trade secrets and China as the company seeks to advance one of the world’s hottest material technologies

20 June 2023

Challenges and opportunities of utilising trade secrets to protect AI-generated innovations

Chief IP officers need a full understanding of deriving business value from trade secret protection on AI-generated inventions – and the pitfalls of AI’s use

16 June 2023

Illinois trade secret dispute proceeds on theory of inevitable disclosure

In theory, parties can seek relief for trade secret misappropriation before it even happens. When faced with possible misappropriation, trade secret owners should carefully review applicable NDAs and consider pleading both misappropriation and threatened misappropriation, and building a substantial, detailed evidence record.

14 June 2023

How IP managers can bolster trade secret protection in tandem with HR

As data breaches from within businesses proliferate, shifting away from IT and contract-centered policies to focusing on people can help plug the leak.

09 June 2023

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