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Highlights from IAM's 2023 SEP Summit

Expert panellists tackled a range of topics, including the draft SEP licensing regulation, determining FRAND rates, and diversified supply chains

27 September 2023

How to overcome office actions concerning common knowledge

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

It is not uncommon to see office actions alleging that the claimed invention lacks inventive step on the grounds that the distinguishing feature is common knowledge. While difficult to overcome because of strong subjectivity, using an effective strategy can provide a way forward.

27 September 2023

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to pivot patent strategy as IP head steps down

The Japanese manufacturing giant looks to IP department to drive its green technology transition

26 September 2023

Three things to know about the US government’s new strategy for standards development

Here’s the critical background to know as innovators today participate in a USPTO listening session about the intersection between standards development and IP

20 September 2023

Apple, Alibaba and Uni-President Enterprise among top filers for green marks in Taiwan

Taiwan’s IP office has released a report analysing the number of green trademark applications filed in the past 10 years. It also reveals that the majority of green-mark strategies are based on energy saving, pollution control and energy products.

20 September 2023

Valo, Dell and Cisco: first speakers for IP and Emerging Technology USA revealed

IAM Live is coming to San Francisco on 9 November to discuss IP opportunities arising from rapid advancements in tech

16 September 2023

Apple’s Chinese difficulties reflect the challenges all IP owners face there

The company’s share price fell by billions of dollars last week because of investor concerns about a new Huawei device and a rumoured government ban on officials using iPhones. It was a timely reminder of the kinds of problem China poses to rights holders individually and collectively

14 September 2023

RegenxBio/Sarepta dispute highlights strategic challenges for gene therapy developers

Narrow safe harbor immunity and platform technology patents are creating both pitfalls and opportunities

08 September 2023

Chinese innovators dominate global EV patent filings

Carmakers’ head start in electric vehicle technology plays crucial role in plans to drive into Europe's auto market

08 September 2023

NTT’s shareholders view IP assets as a ‘treasure trove’, says licensing head

The Japanese telecoms giant was disclosing the value of its IP to attract investment long before it was required to, Shunsuke Sakai revealed to IAM

07 September 2023

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