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Holistic IP strategy layering multiple forms of protection covers innovation at Waymo

In an exclusive interview, IP head Van Nguy reveals her rubric for building a foundational portfolio on emerging tech including a mix of patents, trade secrets and trade dress

22 March 2023

Next generation firewall patent filings on the rise as competition heats up

Volumes have soared since 2010, with US and China accounting for more than 50% of the total

21 March 2023

Countdown to IPBC Korea 2023

Just one month until IP leaders will gather in  Seoul for an agenda tackling policy developments, market trends, and commercial pressures

20 March 2023

The Market Makers of 2022: top 20 revealed

Marconi's Kasim Alfalahi takes the top spot for Avanci's stellar showing in our countdown of the patent market’s most innovative and influential dealmakers and decision takers

15 March 2023

The Market Makers of 2022: the top 40 countdown begins

The patent market’s most innovative and influential win recognition in our rankings - here we reveal those who made #21 - #40

10 March 2023

IP professionals should not fear AI, they should embrace it

At the beginning of a new age of disruption, those who understand the potential of change will reap big rewards

09 March 2023

Allegations of royalty underpayments in two new litigations are the tip of the iceberg

Audit programmes are clearly critical, as evinced by the lawsuits and a report showing 87% of licensees underpay their royalties

08 March 2023

Five things to know about patent case trends in the Western District of Texas

Docket Navigator data shows more patentees are filing directly in Austin – possibly to sidestep the Waco Division’s random assignment order

06 March 2023

A fresh brew: revitalising Starbucks’ patent strategy

IP director Russ Jacobs sits down with IAM to discuss his ‘programmatic approach’ to the coffee chain’s intellectual assets

03 March 2023

Can ChatGPT replace a patent lawyer?

We asked the large-language model to draft a patent claim, design around a claim, and identify prior art – and concluded that it is potentially helpful but unreliable

02 March 2023

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