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Docket Navigator and IAM Litigation Report Q4 2023

Patent cases hit 10-year low point while the Western District of Texas was knocked off the most popular patent court top spot

14 February 2024

Trade secret awareness growing in France but case law lacking

It has been over five years since the country transposed the EU Trade Secrets Directive but limited access to court decisions and no damages outcomes means guidance is scarce for IP owners

13 February 2024

Yangtze Memory Technologies’ IP strategy for independence

IP Head Daniel Chan discusses how the semiconductor company aims to reduce reliance on foreign market players

13 February 2024

The file-and-dismiss patent assertion entity suing Verizon, AT&T, Ericsson

RecepTrexx has filed 35 district court cases in nine months, but some of them don’t even last a week

12 February 2024

IP Hall of Fame; Oppo interview; Nanostring bankruptcy; Nokia 5G renewals; trade secrets insurance; plus much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

11 February 2024

Patents make it easier to watch the Super Bowl and keep players safe

Saturday Opinion: Fans may not care about patents, but IAM does, so we’re commemorating innovations on helmets that may reduce concussions, collapsible goal posts, graphic enhancements, and more

10 February 2024

China’s video explosion: Tencent and ByteDance overtake Qualcomm in video codec patent filings

Chinese players forge ahead as growing awareness about commercial opportunities impacts filing strategies

09 February 2024

UPC: starting well but is the complex court structure advantageous?

Division-centric approach may provide opportunities for creative litigants but perils for unwary ones

09 February 2024

NanoString bankrupted by patent litigation, with major ramifications for ongoing 10x dispute

Everything you need to know about how the Chapter 11 process impacts the companies’ high-profile spat

08 February 2024

The Diversity Pledge has boosted women inventor rates, survey suggests

“What is interesting is that all patenting went up. Male inventors also increased,” states Suzanne Harrison, co-founder of Increasing Diversity in Innovation

08 February 2024

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