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Licensing consensus sorely needed amid global SEP/FRAND developments – and some in the field think there might be a way through

With debates about the European Commission’s draft SEP regulation debates still swirling and storms brewing in the Asia-Pacific, the IP world must take urgent steps toward reaching harmony

22 December 2023

The five stories that made 2023 a transformational year for patents in Europe

The dawn of the unitary patent, Ocado’s ‘robot wars’ triumph, and the Enlarged Board of Appeal’s landmark ‘plausibility’ ruling are among the key developments this year

21 December 2023

Goodbye IAM and thank-you

After 31 years, Joff Wild - our former editor-in-chief - brings down the curtain on his career in IP journalism

21 December 2023

Global first as apex UK court rules AI cannot be a named inventor

But rapid advancements in technology since the government last took the temperature of the market mean questions linger for policymakers

20 December 2023

The metaverse: How 5G will kick-start the big-bang in cyberspace

Ericsson Senior IPR Policy Researcher Robin Stratford explains how an efficient and robust FRAND licensing framework will be crucial for the rollout of 5G enabled metaverse technology

20 December 2023

Nurturing our planet: Unveiling the key players in green technology patents

Data from Anaqua examines exactly the technologies companies, big and small, are investing in

20 December 2023

Highlights of US patent law in the life sciences in 2023

The US Supreme Court’s Amgen v Sanofi ruling is giving rise to more enablement challenges, while the Federal Circuit’s In re Cellect decision put a stamp on obviousness-type double patenting

19 December 2023

Embracing the digital transition: CSIRO’s impact-driven patent portfolio

Data and software is where the future lies, IP head tells IAM

18 December 2023

US CRISPR Cas9 clearance; Lenovo looks to UK courts; video streaming secondary patent market; Nokia challenging Chinese ruling; WiFi 6 wars; plus much more

Get ready for the new working week with a summary of all the stories posted on the IAM platform over the past seven days

17 December 2023

Saturday Opinion: Privacy at stake - the unintended consequences of mandated legal finance disclosure

Chief Judge Colm Connolly spoke at a legal conference about his transparency orders to disclose third-party litigation finance

16 December 2023

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