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Federal Circuit judges ask tough questions on patentability of AI creations

Presented with oral arguments in the DABUS case about the novel legal issue of patenting inventions made by artificial intelligence, a trio of veteran judges at the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on 6 June appeared to adopt a sceptical stance.

07 June 2022

Top takeaways from Kathi Vidal’s early days in office

Since being sworn-in, the agency's director has rolled-out new IPR decision review procedures, revealed plans to boost patent quality and pledged to look closely at eligibility

03 June 2022

Hope grows in the US for measured, concrete action on inter partes review abuse

Practitioners say there are clear signs that the new USPTO leadership is taking the issue seriously, but is not rushing into a policy decision

03 June 2022

SEP stakeholders weigh in as EU mulls changes to FRAND framework

Reaction to a Commission call for evidence was more muted than the recent consultation exercise in the US, but raised some important points specific to Europe

24 May 2022

Five tips for CIPOs getting outside legal opinions on patent threats in the wake of the CAFC’s Roche ruling

Scott Daniels of Xsensus advises chief IP officers on how to make use of the Roche precedent, which grants a defence to induced infringement allegations based on non-infringement or invalidity opinions, but with caveats

17 May 2022

Moderna says US government on the hook to pay any royalties due to mRNA patent owners

The company claims any infringing uses of its vaccine are insulated from liability under compulsory licensing law

17 May 2022

Qualcomm chief IP counsel: US IP system in decent shape but some current proposals could be “detrimental”

Bob Giles, top IP lawyer for the San Diego chip innovator, also says standards-setting process works well, downplaying concerns that it is being gamed

13 May 2022

Japan passes sweeping economic security law including patent secrecy system

Major companies must now figure out how to maintain compliance with the new measures in IP and other areas

13 May 2022

Legal confusion on essentially derived varieties must be cleared up for the sake of innovation

As gene editing techniques come to the fore in the UK and elsewhere, Joel Smith of Hogan Lovells argues that industry needs clarity on the breeder's exception to plant variety rights

12 May 2022

Indian patenting milestone should prompt IP policy re-think

Domestic filings outnumbered foreign ones for the first time in 11 years last quarter, in the latest indication that India’s companies are coming to the patent party

07 May 2022

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