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European Commission proposes unitary SPC as part of mixed bag of pharma IP reforms

Planned change will make UPC more attractive to life sciences companies

28 April 2023

PTAB experts react to discretionary denial reform package

Various provisions in the USPTO’s rulemaking proposal favour patent owners and others lean towards petitioners, yet one thing is certain: chief IP officers must make their voices heard

26 April 2023

IP court annual report breaks down valuable statistics on appeals cases

China’s Supreme Court’s IP branch has released its 2022 annual report, providing statistics on caseload and closure. These numbers highlight the longer wait times for appeals, as well as varying chances of success.

26 April 2023

Patent owners will welcome parts of USPTO’s PTAB reform proposal

Director Kathi Vidal’s proposed rules would expand discretionary denial into new categories, but heightened disclosure requirements might pain patentees and petitioners alike

21 April 2023

The EPO’s latest plausibility decision is good news for applicants and patentees

The Enlarged Board of Appeal's ruling in G2/21 has significant implications for the use of post-filed data

21 April 2023

IP could deliver a very rare Brexit dividend

With the European Commission increasingly ambivalent about patents, the UK has an opportunity to take leadership in areas such as SEP licensing and the life sciences

20 April 2023

Five key takeaways from Senator Chris Coons’ first IP subcommittee hearing

His political savvy was on display as he leveraged a hot-button bipartisan issue – US competition with China – to highlight needed repairs to the US system

19 April 2023

On both sides of the Atlantic, patent policy is dictated by deep pockets not evidence

In the US and Europe, immensely wealthy businesses that use technology created by others to drive their profits have succeeded in tilting the playing field in their favour

13 April 2023

EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal confirms use of post-published data to support inventive step

The long-awaited G 2/21 decision is good news for applicants in the pharmaceutical space that have to rely on submitting experimental evidence generated or published after the application’s filing date.

06 April 2023

Supreme Court demands thorough reasoning on novelty criteria

A fresh decision has highlighted that Greek courts dealing with patent cases should be precise and detailed when determining whether an invention meets the substantial patentability criteria set out in the law, and why.

05 April 2023

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