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SEP holders targeted in proposed Chinese regulatory changes

Consultation on the new rules is open until the end of the month, with current draft seen as much more favourable to licensees than licensors

15 July 2022

US patent legislation state of play: lots of heat, little light (at the end of the tunnel)

A number of bills have been tabled in both houses of Congress, but as things stand none of them look close to getting onto the statute books

13 July 2022

The EU SPC manufacturing waiver transitional period comes to an end

Life sciences companies in Europe are now operating under a regime in which many more patent extension rights are affected by exemptions

05 July 2022

Big week for US patent eligibility leaves resolution of “morass of uncertainty” still unclear

Despite a USPTO report, the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the American Axle case leaves many doubtful that there will be any clarity in the immediate future

01 July 2022

Ireland commits to UPC referendum – here’s everything you need to know

Local IP professionals are hoping for a vote in early 2023 but may have to wait longer, while outcome is also uncertain

01 July 2022

UK plans to diverge from EU on AI-related IP exemption

Moves announced after consultation will affect copyright and database rights, but leave status quo in place for inventorship

29 June 2022

Good news for patent challengers - Vidal’s Fintiv tweaks will reduce discretionary denials

PTAB practitioners say rights holders will view the recently announced changes with disappointment, but there is likely to be greater certainty and predictability around IPR institutions

24 June 2022

Senators hear mixed views on compromise PTAB reform bill

Qualcomm’s Robert Giles was among those giving testimony before the IP Subcommittee on Wednesday

23 June 2022

Kathi Vidal reforms discretionary denial procedures at PTAB

USPTO Director's spin on Fintiv pledges institution in three defined areas, including when there are compelling unpatentability arguments or where there's a parallel ITC case

22 June 2022

SEP holders and implementers alike welcome withdrawal of US FRAND policy statement

Many originators see a win in last week’s surprise news, but some licensees also feel there are reasons to be cheerful

13 June 2022

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