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Navigating Patent Protection Within the Context of AI

Featured in Inside India’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

India is currently witnessing a paradigm shift in the creation of novel and creative works. The proliferation of AI is resulting in a complex landscape for patent offices, inventors and policymakers to navigate. Addressing these challenges is crucial for maintaining the balance between fostering innovation and upholding the principles of patent law.

15 February 2024

US judges are warning implementers to take FRAND negotiations seriously, or else

Due to Samsung’s bad-faith FRAND negotiation tactic, “what they awarded us was dramatically more per unit than our settlement offers”, says Jason Sheasby, G+ Communications’ attorney

14 February 2024

Trade secret awareness growing in France but case law lacking

It has been over five years since the country transposed the EU Trade Secrets Directive but limited access to court decisions and no damages outcomes means guidance is scarce for IP owners

13 February 2024

OpenSky sanctions reignite debate over PTAB reform

Attorneys say Intel reaping the benefits, while VLSI is left to pick up the pieces, sends mixed message about integrity of IPR process

08 February 2024

Successful Novartis appeal provides critical clarification on India’s pre-grant opposition process

A Delhi High Court decision has highlighted that the pre-grant process can be abused by parties attempting to derail applications. The division bench has clearly distinguished between the examination and opposition processes, which should streamline the handling of pre-grant oppositions while safeguarding the interests of both sides.

07 February 2024

Turkish court hands down precedential decision on partial preliminary injunctions in pharma dispute

Ruling on the condition of plausible proof, the Ankara IP Court has clarified that an injunction can be granted in a way that prevents damages for both parties. This is especially crucial for cases in which the infringing product is put on the market without waiting for an expert report.

07 February 2024

European Parliament to vote on shock proposal to ban CRISPR-developed plant patents

Patenting prohibition would have significant consequences for agri-tech innovators – and not just in the EU

06 February 2024

Fewer ITC cases in 2023, but more headlines due to Apple Watch saga

More than half the complaints involved Chinese companies, suggesting corporations are concerned with the “world’s factory”

29 January 2024

Get ready for IPBC Global 2024: agenda now online

This year, we are welcoming USPTO Director Kathi Vidal to the world’s foremost gathering of senior thought leaders and decision makers operating in the global IP market

27 January 2024

Two critical takeaways from VLSI’s appellate loss of patent mega-verdict

The Federal Circuit reverses and vacates $2.54 billion jury verdict but opens the door for VLSI to make another run at a 10-figure damages recovery

25 January 2024

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