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How to overcome office actions concerning common knowledge

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

It is not uncommon to see office actions alleging that the claimed invention lacks inventive step on the grounds that the distinguishing feature is common knowledge. While difficult to overcome because of strong subjectivity, using an effective strategy can provide a way forward.

27 September 2023

IP holders welcome proposed Indian patent rules amendments

Potential updates aim to expedite the grant of patents and introduce a controller to assess pre-grant oppositions

22 September 2023

Court guidance on virtual patent marking needs to be heeded to protect products

Chief IP officers should understand these court rulings and ensure their companies’ virtual patent markings provide proper constructive notice to infringers

12 September 2023

Surging litigation numbers and public distrust plague life sciences landscape

From trade secrets to overregulation, there are many core threats to the global life sciences arena. But expert advice outlines strategic ways to neutralise them

05 September 2023

The world’s rising patent powerhouse: new IAM Special Report released

Available to subscribers, our latest report offers a window into the key drivers and developments shaping the Asia-Pacific IP landscape

01 September 2023

India: the pharmacy of the world and its patent landscape

Featured in The Guide to Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2023

Launching products in the Indian market requires comprehensive strategies to navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape. One cannot extend the term of patent protection using supplementary protection certificates or patent term adjustments, so it is crucial to take proactive measures to secure a longer enforceable protection period.

25 August 2023

On the cusp of change: patent landscape overhaul is good news for healthcare innovation in Brazil

Featured in The Guide to Life Sciences: Key issues for senior life sciences executives 2023

The reduction of the patent term for pharmaceuticals resulted in uncertainty for stakeholders in Brazil. However, new legislation designed to modernise the country’s patent system and foster the innovation ecosystem are paving the way to Brazil becoming an increasingly attractive jurisdiction.

25 August 2023

South Korea: Recent Legislative Reforms and Judicial Efforts Expected to Improve Patent Enforcement Environment

Featured in Asia-Pacific Patent Litigation Review 2024

The Korean government is committed to making the country global hub for litigation, with an increased focus on the courts and two critical legislative reforms on discovery and increased damages.

25 August 2023

Value of Damages Awards Rockets Since Fourth Amendment to China’s Patent Law

Featured in Asia-Pacific Patent Litigation Review 2024

Since punitive damages were officially introduced into China’s patent infringement system, the amount of the awards being granted has dramatically increased. Although the value is not as high as those in the United States, this changing attitude is sparking optimism among attorneys for a bright future of stronger IP protection.

25 August 2023

Legislative reforms to overhaul ‘unfavourable’ patent landscape – for better or worse

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub

Both the PREVAIL Act and Patent Eligibility Restoration Act seek to enhance participation in the patent system. However, expanded eligibility and a weaker PTAB will undoubtably raise concerns from both SEP holders and implementers, and it remains to be seen whether these approaches will ultimately benefit or harm the larger market.

24 August 2023

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