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The USPTO’s IPR decision reviews will build trust in PTAB proceedings

The Circulation Judge Pool’s review of panel draft decisions and the Director’s review of issued decisions should create more confidence in the process

16 June 2022

US court ruling will affect royalty rate calculations for licence agreements

The precedential decision shows that characterising per-unit royalty terms as a significant percentage of profits may be beneficial in later litigation

15 June 2022

New IP finance play, Ukraine tribute, patent litigation trends and plenty more as IPBC Global 2022 comes to an end

Despite the close attentions of a tornado and the deadening heatwave that preceded and followed it, delegates and speakers in Chicago were in good form for the final day of this year's event

15 June 2022

Defendants seek dismissal of lawsuit as litigation funder complicates Samsung verdict profits recovery

University that secured over $200 million in a patent infringement suit against the South Korean giant has yet to see any of the cash

10 June 2022

Canon cries foul over NPE’s patent attack on Bluetooth

Nokia, which sold the patent-in-suit to plaintiff WSOU, tells IAM it stands by its commitments to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and has no financial interest in the litigation campaign

10 June 2022

USPTO creates new use for Arthrex director reviews and “IPR trolls” become the test case

Move comes just weeks after Kathi Vidal promised prominent US senators she’ll take strong action on alleged abuse involving patents from the VLSI v Intel case

09 June 2022

Federal Circuit judges ask tough questions on patentability of AI creations

Presented with oral arguments in the DABUS case about the novel legal issue of patenting inventions made by artificial intelligence, a trio of veteran judges at the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on 6 June appeared to adopt a sceptical stance.

07 June 2022

Five IP strategy lessons from the Herceptin patent wars

Dispute's over Genentech's trastuzumab have helped write the patent playbook for innovators and imitators in the biologics space

07 June 2022

Deutsche Telekom's €300 million antitrust case against IPCom thrown out by German court

Claim that NPE’s failure to strike subsequent deals was discriminatory has been rejected by the Mannheim Regional Court

01 June 2022

Who is leading the 5G patent race?

Licensing of 5G SEPs promises to become a highly lucrative market, making the 5G patent race more competitive than ever before – although the latest 5G patent data shows that the question of who is currently winning it remains unclear.

01 June 2022

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