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Generics are the winners as CAFC doubles down on strict Hatch-Waxman venue selection criteria

A decision handed down last Friday against Celgene elaborates on the rules set out in the landmark Valeant case and makes life tough for pharma patent owners

09 November 2021

As US courts hand out bigger patent damages, insurers seek to protect the verdicts

Successful plaintiffs say higher awards are spurring multiple calls from brokers offering judgment preservation insurance

08 November 2021

Patent record of Biden’s new pick for the Federal Circuit revealed

Delaware district court judge Leonard Stark has handled 2,700 cases in his years on the bench

04 November 2021

European plausibility uncertainties could be cleared up by new Enlarged Board of Appeal referral

The EPO is seeking clarity on a crucial question facing patentees, but not everyone is sure that a recent referral is the best vehicle

04 November 2021

Leahy, Tillis blast “unseemly” patent litigation forum-shopping in letter to Chief Justice Roberts

Scathing missive aimed squarely at the Western District of Texas calls for study of “actual and potential abuses” enabled by single-judge divisions

03 November 2021

China introduces new IP mediation rules in latest bid to play a greater role in cross-border disputes

Guidelines unveiled by semi-governmental trade body are country’s first IP-specific rules for a tool Chinese patent implementers say they favour

02 November 2021

Apple’s attack on PTAB discretionary denials is teed up for US Supreme Court

The USPTO opposes the iPhone giant’s cert petition, but the company has drawn wide support from implementers that want to take down the NHK-Fintiv rule

01 November 2021

Why a Russian patent injunction against 61 Samsung handset models could be a gamechanger

Exclusive analysis on the expansive legal theory used to bar use of Samsung Pay service and dozens of Galaxy smartphones

01 November 2021

Big damages trend in post-covid patent jury trials could keep chief IP counsel up at night

Report suggests juries are granting large awards in US district courts’ first post-lockdown trials

29 October 2021

Nokia Technologies boosts revenues and profits in strong Q3 patent licensing performance

Royalties grow on the back of new deals and renewals; company also shares new details on legal fight with Oppo, which does not appear to have significantly dimmed income outlook

29 October 2021

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