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Federal Circuit confirms Biogen’s multi-billion dollar Tecfidera patent disaster

In a split decision, the CAFC has upheld a decision that cut short the exclusivity of the company’s best-selling product by eight years

02 December 2021

Vidal looks all set to lead the USPTO after confident Senate hearing

In a strong display, the Biden administration's choice to lead the agency addressed Section 101 reform and Fintiv discretionary denials, but may have left a hostage to fortune on SEP/FRAND

02 December 2021

Why patent litigators are now central to a wide range of commercial disputes

The Long Read: It’s no longer all about infringement, write Michelle Avery, Nicole McTernan and Drew Sills of Ocean Tomo. Instead, IP specialists are increasingly being called on in a diverse array of corporate lawsuits

01 December 2021

Taiwan lens maker turns to patent enforcement amid rising competition

Lawsuit against Lenovo’s Motorola Mobility signals shift in company’s strategy as it turns to its patent portfolio for value creation opportunities

30 November 2021

As Micron and UMC settle long-running dispute, all eyes in China are on the US chipmaker’s next move

Taiwan’s UMC will pay an undisclosed sum to end a long, complex and remarkably successful IP enforcement campaign by the Idaho semiconductor firm

29 November 2021

Strategic patent countries: evidence from EPO oppositions

Featured in Special Report 2021 Q4: IP5 insights

29 November 2021

Why re-exams can be a good option at the USPTO

Featured in Special Report 2021 Q4: IP5 insights

29 November 2021

Recent validity trends at China's Patent Office

Featured in Special Report 2021 Q4: IP5 insights

29 November 2021

Mainstream focus on supply chains will impact US patent fights

Saturday Opinion: Inflation and goods shortages are making the supply chain an everyday conversation topic this holiday season, and that is already influencing arguments over IP enforcement

27 November 2021

Pfizer acts quickly to tackle alleged covid-19 vaccine trade secrets misappropriation

With strong policies in place to protect confidential information, the company was able to take swift action against an employee after becoming aware of suspicious activity

25 November 2021

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