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South Korea: Recent Legislative Reforms and Judicial Efforts Expected to Improve Patent Enforcement Environment

Featured in Asia-Pacific Patent Litigation Review 2024

The Korean government is committed to making the country global hub for litigation, with an increased focus on the courts and two critical legislative reforms on discovery and increased damages.

25 August 2023

Philippines: Low Numbers of Filings Expose Key Challenges in Pursuing Litigation

Featured in Asia-Pacific Patent Litigation Review 2024

Although application numbers are on the rise, the cost, length and venue of litigation are just some of the deterrents preventing rights holders from filing litigation in the Philippines. It is imperative to meet these challenges in order to incentivise enforcement and encourage innovation.

25 August 2023

Value of Damages Awards Rockets Since Fourth Amendment to China’s Patent Law

Featured in Asia-Pacific Patent Litigation Review 2024

Since punitive damages were officially introduced into China’s patent infringement system, the amount of the awards being granted has dramatically increased. Although the value is not as high as those in the United States, this changing attitude is sparking optimism among attorneys for a bright future of stronger IP protection.

25 August 2023

Legislative reforms to overhaul ‘unfavourable’ patent landscape – for better or worse

Featured in SEP/FRAND Hub

Both the PREVAIL Act and Patent Eligibility Restoration Act seek to enhance participation in the patent system. However, expanded eligibility and a weaker PTAB will undoubtably raise concerns from both SEP holders and implementers, and it remains to be seen whether these approaches will ultimately benefit or harm the larger market.

24 August 2023

Film dispute highlights that India must reconsider its approach to posthumous personality rights rules

There is a distinct lack of global harmonisation when it comes to the regulation of posthumous personality rights, which are primarily governed by case law across different jurisdictions. Against this backdrop, it is crucial that India considers introducing clear legislation to protect not only personality but also privacy rights as the value and exploitation of celebrity continues to grow.

23 August 2023

UPC schedules its first substantive hearings

Having granted its first injunction ex parte, the Unified Patent Court will soon host formal hearings regarding 10x Genomics’ applications for injunctive relief

22 August 2023

We are seeking to use IP for less “hostile” purposes, reveals Sony IP head

IP head and chief strategy officer Toshimoto Mitomo talks to IAM about leveraging his IP and non-IP roles to help Sony flourish in a fast-changing technology landscape

22 August 2023

Halliburton and US Well Services go to trial

Docket Navigator data shows the patent litigation track record of the pair and the case outcomes of their lead patent counsel

21 August 2023

US appellate court’s ruling over design drawings sends a strong message to trade secret owners

Companies who spend vastly on R&D must have adequate protection in place when seeking patents, with ample evidence for demonstrating that

18 August 2023

We are seeking CRISPR IP partnerships, says SNIPR Biome’s chief patent counsel

IAM speaks exclusively to Jasper Clube about the CRISPR microbiome IP landscape

18 August 2023

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