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Why some patent owners may pursue a wait-and-see strategy for the UPC

Three-quarters of IP market leaders in latest IAM Panel Report say they’re taking a cautious approach to the venue, which passed another key milestone for establishment last week

10 December 2021

How JUUL’s ITC patent enforcement campaign advances the company’s broader business goals

“It really was an opportunity to use IP for exactly what its purpose is,” says Wayne Sobon,  vice president of intellectual property

09 December 2021

Vidal pick for USPTO provides IP boost for Biden

The president’s choice for director of the agency sees uptick in positive sentiment towards the administration’s policies in the survey findings for IAM’s Q4 Panel Report

09 December 2021

Five winning ways to break down patent jargon for judges and juries

Those in the know share their top tips for how to translate highly technical concepts so that they can be easily understood by non-experts

09 December 2021

Revealed: first Chinese target of ZTE's new SEP licensing push

Court documents show that ZTE has filed a patent suit against Tinno Mobile, the Shenzhen-based company that owns French smartphone brand Wiko

08 December 2021

Albright preliminary injunction award could attract further requests

Data from Docket Navigator shows plaintiffs in US patent cases rarely request such relief and judges rarely grant them when they do

06 December 2021

Validity rate for Chinese patents ticks upward, but patent owners in top tech areas face tough road

While more than half of invention patents survive invalidation unscathed, key life science and communications classes see higher knock-out rate

06 December 2021

“I am a strong believer in patents,” Albright’s pick for US magistrate judge tells IAM

An analysis on Docket Navigator shows that Longview litigator Derek Gilliland has represented patent owners 97% of the time, with key clients including Intellectual Ventures

03 December 2021

CAFC tees up patent fight over multi-billion-dollar Moderna covid revenues

Arbutus Biopharma’s shares soar in anticipation of mRNA jab royalty lawsuit after Federal Circuit ruling

03 December 2021

Huawei knocks out two Chinese patents in global SEP dispute with IP Bridge

Exclusive data shows extent of Japanese firm’s Chinese patent holdings as it heads into a high-stakes rate-setting battle

03 December 2021

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