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Chinese supreme court hears challenge to country’s first essential facilities case

He Jing and Annie Xue of GEN Law Firm break down the economic and technical arguments made in front of the judges, and spell out why the eventual decision could have a dramatic impact

28 February 2022

Upcoming SEP fights will colour views of China’s judicial fairness

Aggregate stats have long shown that foreign IP owners fare well in China, but recent research published by IAM suggests SEP holders have justified concerns

26 February 2022

How manufacturing patents are shaping US biologics strategies

Study reveals the significance of manufacturing IP rights in BPCIA litigation

25 February 2022

California pay-for-delay ruling creates new pharma patent settlement headaches

Dispute resolution teams will want to steer clear of the sunshine state following a recent federal court decision

24 February 2022

Growing monetisation space in Korea is backdrop to Samsung exec's jump to NPE world

Patent transactions involving former Samsung IP head reveal context of in-house chief’s move to the licensing sector – a big uptick in local standards development and dealmaking

24 February 2022

Anti-suit injunctions are a race to the bottom – and arbitration is the answer

Alternative dispute resolution offers one of the few remaining ways out of the growing anti-suit injunction morass, argue Roberto Dini, Jing He and Mario Franzosi

23 February 2022

Samsung slams “betrayal of trust” by former IP head

Korean company files trade secret and conspiracy counterclaims against Seungho Ahn, another former in-house counsel and the NPE with which they are asserting patents against their ex-employer

22 February 2022

Rovi’s IPR success in Comcast patent war gave it top PTAB ranking

Docket Navigator shows that petitions against the company were instituted just 42% of the time, making it the rights holder whose assets are the most difficult to challenge

21 February 2022

BioNTech confirms it will not enforce covid 19 patents – at least for now

The German biotech company becomes the second mRNA vaccine maker to say it will not take legal action during pandemic

21 February 2022

Huawei IP head eyes licensing expansion, but says priority is supporting the business

In the second part of his exclusive interview with IAM, Alan Fan explains that despite increasing monetisation opportunities his team’s main job is to secure the fruits of the company’s deep investments in R&D

21 February 2022

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