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Next WDTX chief judge unlikely to overturn random patent case assignment order

With rumours swirling, IAM spoke exclusively to US District Judge Fred Biery who is among those poised to take on more IP litigation

21 September 2022

How the America Invents Act has hurt SMEs

As the legislation celebrates 10 years, Michael Renaud, Jonathan Engler and Jessica Perry of Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo analyse a decade of data to reveal that, far from helping small businesses by improving patent quality, it has only succeeded in driving them out of US district courts.

21 September 2022

Ocean Tomo founder discusses IP asset value ‘revolution’ and the policy issues of the moment

IP Hall of Fame inductee James Malackowski speaks with IAM about his career and IP’s untapped opportunities

20 September 2022

Samsung takes licence to settle US 5G patent suit

NPE 5G IP Holdings secures a settlement with the Korean giant in dispute over assets previously owned by Taiwanese R&D lab with links to Foxconn, Sharp

20 September 2022

Oakley, Canon among operating companies asserting most patents in US courts

Docket Navigator data shows top firms filed between 14 and 30 infringement complaints in 2021 and year-to-date

19 September 2022

Samsung, TSMC, Qualcomm hit with new offensive by NPE wielding Intel patents

Daedalus Prime is asserting 22 patents in six complaints in a US district court, the US International Trade Commission and a German forum

16 September 2022

Halliburton v USWS is a rare patent battle in the energy sector

Data shows that 32 of the largest oil and gas producers and oilfield services companies have filed only 45 US suits since 2017 – and that just one is responsible for 51% of them

14 September 2022

Meet 2022’s IP Hall of Fame inductees

Following a selection process that ran between March and May, IAM announced that four new individuals had been chosen to join the IP Hall of Fame in 2022: Pravin Anand, Justice Stephen Breyer, Louis Foreman and James Malackowski. They were officially inducted at this year’s IPBC Global in June.

14 September 2022

Novartis Entresto lawsuit underlines growing importance of cocrystals for patent strategy

US university litigation seeks damages and ongoing royalties over blockbuster heart failure drug which generated $2.22 billion in 2H 2022

13 September 2022

How the pandemic has hit patent procurement

Featured in Special Report 2022 Q3: Patent Portfolio Management

Dr Michael A Sartori and Sarah Hassan of Baker Botts explore the impact that covid-19 has had on new application filings and application abandonments, revealing some interesting contrasts with previous financial disruptions

13 September 2022

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