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Key Questions for Defendants to Ask Law Firms Before Choosing Who to Hire

Featured in Global Patent Litigation 2023

While it is natural for law firms pitching for clients to show their best side, litigation is won in the trenches through leadership of a strong team, executing a clear path to victory , and always with the needs, concerns and goals of the company in mind. The right questions can help companies dig deep and choose the partners that can truly help them towards a winning strategy.

22 December 2022

Top 10 FRAND developments of 2022

These new patent pools, global litigation developments, and SEP policy changes will keep making waves in the New Year

21 December 2022

An almost billion-dollar award leads 2022’s top 10 US patent verdicts

Companies who scored the most from US juries during the past 12 months include VLSI Technology, Complete Genomics Inc, Ravgen Inc, USAA and Columbia University

19 December 2022

Five of the US patent world’s biggest news nuggets of 2022

Intel sold 5,000 patents to an NPE, Apple signed up for two multi-million dollar SEP licences, Kathi Vidal made her mark as USPTO director – and more

15 December 2022

The legitimate source defence and why it is good news for defendants in patent infringement disputes

The Intellectual Property Court of the Supreme People’s Court has zeroed in on Renhengde v Huzhou Aixin & Huzhou MCHC Hospital to clarify the criteria of the legitimate source defence, offering a way out of damages liability.

14 December 2022

Data shows New Jersey district court’s key for biopharma patent litigation

We have scoured Docket Navigator for must-know metrics on case filing trends, rulings on important motions, injunctive relief and damages awards

12 December 2022

2022’s pendulum oscillations at the PTAB

USPTO director’s eight-month tenure this year saw tweaks to discretionary denials and applicant-admitted prior art – to the pleasure of the anti-patent community

09 December 2022

Janssen sues Amgen as new wave of biosimilar disputes starts

A lull in BPCIA litigation has now come to an end

07 December 2022

Examining Chief Judge Gilstrap’s patent case metrics: speedy trials and potentially big damages

Docket Navigator data shows his caseload in Eastern District of Texas has ticked up over the past three years

05 December 2022

US venue ruling may stymie flow of patent cases out of Texas courtrooms

The Fifth Circuit issued its first precedent since 2008 on motions to transfer venue for convenience

01 December 2022

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