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Japanese and US entities are top foreign patent invalidation defendants in China

Despite some high-profile, international targets, though, the process is mostly used by and directed at domestic companies

15 February 2022

What Judge Leonard Stark’s departure means for the US’s second-busiest patent court

With the highly-experienced judge confirmed to the Federal Circuit, his former colleagues in Delaware will cover the 233 cases he was scheduled to hear Docket Navigator data suggests this might favour defendants

14 February 2022

Supreme People’s Court decision highlights Chinese pay-for-delay patent settlement pitfalls

Agreements ending patent invalidity challenges risk falling foul of the country’s Anti-Monopoly Law

14 February 2022

Samsung Display mulls patent assertion against Chinese upstarts

The world’s largest mobile OLED panel maker eyes offensive litigation plays to fend off market share erosion

11 February 2022

The truth about mobile SEP invalidation decisions in China

In an exclusive data analysis, Zhang Xin of Lung Tin Law Firm surveys over 250 challenges to wireless patents at the China National IP Administration and draws lessons for both petitioners and patentees

09 February 2022

Beijing High Court backs Michelin in invalidating copycat mark

A case involving Michelin demonstrates that if a contested mark is similar in pronunciation to the cited mark, it is likely to be invalidated on the grounds of causing confusion among consumers

09 February 2022

CAFC decision makes Caltech’s $1.1 billion loss a potential gain for other patent holders

The court’s overturning of the original ruling in the university’s dispute with Broadcom strengthened rules preventing duplication of invalidity arguments in IPRs and district court litigation

08 February 2022

Why Dutch courts are becoming a central element in cross-border patent disputes

The Netherlands is already a hotspot for big-ticket battles – and the signs are that its importance as a venue is only going to increase

08 February 2022

Inside the litigation record of the man set to own 38,000 BlackBerry patents

Data from Docket Navigator shows that buyer York Eggleston IV’s existing NPEs – named after stones and slingshots – have filed at least 36 lawsuits against 23 defendants

07 February 2022

5G patent sale sparks litigation against three Chinese smartphone makers

Patents developed by Shanghai-based lab Langbo have been asserted in US court by a Texas NPE

03 February 2022

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