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Does the impact of Markman orders vary by technology complexity?

Some patent litigators observe that patent disputes involving less complicated technologies tend to settle faster after claim construction. What does Docket Navigator data say?

27 September 2023

Highlights from IAM's 2023 SEP Summit

Expert panellists tackled a range of topics, including the draft SEP licensing regulation, determining FRAND rates, and diversified supply chains

27 September 2023

High-compensation patent litigation highlights courts’ growing willingness to award significant damages

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

How to determine compensation amounts and effectively protect rights holders’ interests is a critical point of concern. It is therefore vital to analyse patent infringement litigation cases that have awarded high compensation and which kinds of claims and evidence have been well received by Chinese courts.

27 September 2023

How the latest monetisation methods can be used to grow a brand’s value in China

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

Brand monetisation is an inevitable necessity for companies to enhance their core competitiveness and achieve innovative management. It is therefore imperative to explore the main ways to monetise a brand under China’s current legal environment.

27 September 2023

Trade secret litigation and arriving at a definition of ‘commensurate’ security measures

Featured in Inside China’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

Recent Supreme People’s Court judgments attempt to answer the questions of what kinds of security measures are accepted as commensurate, what the underlying theories are behind the word ‘commensurate’, and what aspects rights holders should pay attention to when adopting security measures.

27 September 2023

New pair of Federal Circuit precedents add wiggle room for PTAB petitioners

The Axionics and Rembrandt rulings clarify that PTAB petitioners are not limited to their petitions’ arguments; they can adapt arguments to address patent owners’ post-institution claim constructions

26 September 2023

How patents opted out of the UPC might still be dragged into revocation proceedings

Even if a European patent has been removed from the jurisdiction of the court, IP owners must be ready to assert the existence of the opt-out until rules are clarified

25 September 2023

Vidal director review ruling clarifies evaluation process of 325(d) discretionary denials

IP professionals need to know the Keysight Technologies ruling when facing IPRs connected to challenges and prior art the Patent Office already considered

22 September 2023

In the ‘battle of the experts’ of IP litigation, who gets the sword?

New research study on the exclusion of IP damages experts’ opinions, which reveals trends by US district court, IP case type and damages calculation method, could help chief IP officers better control litigation spend

20 September 2023

Exclusive: Dolby secures win in Korean SEP litigation

Victory “endorses” Dolby’s self-reporting licensing system, company’s IP head tells IAM

20 September 2023

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