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We'll keep buying 5G SEPs to complement our in-house R&D, Oppo CIPO says

Adler Feng, who was recently named the Chinese smartphone company's Chief IP Officer, talks about the differences between the 4G and 5G licensing environments

22 April 2022

We never start a fight but are never afraid of one either, says Oppo’s CIPO

IP head Adler Feng says a difference in views over the value 5G brings each sides’ products sits at the centre of its patent dispute with Nokia

21 April 2022

New customer on the secondary patent market: litigation finance companies

Patent brokers and litigation financiers say that over the past year there is a growing trend of lawsuit funders exploring the idea of acquiring their own patent portfolios for monetisation through licensing or litigation

20 April 2022

Samsung Electronics transfers patents to monetisation business run by former in-house counsel

Entity assigned more than 100 patents by the Korean tech giant is run by previous chief of Samsung’s semiconductor IP division

19 April 2022

$1.9 billion transaction is another boost for non-core IP deal-making in pharma

Sierra Oncology buyout is motivated by previously unwanted drug asset it bought for a $3 million upfront fee

15 April 2022

UK InterDigital v Lenovo decision could be pivotal for global SEP strategies

The High Court of England and Wales will soon hand down a judgment from its second ever full FRAND trial

12 April 2022

Sisvel strikes cellular SEP deal with Vivo

The licensing company’s mobile communications chief, David Muus, speaks to IAM about the latest in a string of deals involving 2G, 3G and 4G patents

11 April 2022

Now is not the time for the EU to fiddle with FRAND

In connectivity, Europe currently enjoys a level of technology security that it would be unwise to imperil with a needless redesign of the SEP licensing regime

09 April 2022

Another dispute over battery tech patents emerges in China

Japan’s Maxell has been hit with court actions and patent invalidations in China by lithium ion battery supplier ATL

08 April 2022

Huawei sketches out need for balanced royalty rates in patent business manifesto

Briefing delivered to company founder makes clear the organisation is shifting out of a defensive-minded strategy but also lays out case against royalty maximalism

06 April 2022

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