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Ericsson and Nokia Q3 reports demonstrate high stakes of ongoing SEP disputes

Delays in renewing licences have eroded the profit margins of two of Europe’s biggest innovators

21 October 2022

Petition to DoJ antitrust division poses little threat to Avanci patent pool

Calls to revisit a business review letter likely to fall flat taking into account prior practice, court rulings

20 October 2022

Draft US bill proposes federal SEP royalty court with global impact

Proposal seeks to resolve lengthy negotiations but stirs inventor community concerns

18 October 2022

Ignore virtual patent marking at your peril

Saturday Opinion: VPM tool co-founder and IP attorney weigh-in on how to add value to your portfolio and ‘mind the constructive notice gap’

15 October 2022

Explosion in banking innovation drives move to increased collaboration and partnerships

By signing up to OIN, The Clearing House illustrates how financial services are increasingly leveraging open source

14 October 2022

Nokia targeting broad range of new sectors for licensing deals, says Arvin Patel

Having been quick out of the blocks, the company’s New Segments team is targeting a slew of major patent opportunities

14 October 2022

NTT Docomo renews 5G SEP licence deal with Xiaomi

Six months of heated talks ended in renewal agreement between the Japanese mobile phone operator and Chinese smartphone maker

07 October 2022

Apple to pay $134M annually for renewed InterDigital patent licence

The seven-year agreement will yield nearly $940 million over its lifetime; now the licensing company must re-negotiate Samsung’s deal expiring at year end

05 October 2022

Waco jury awards $273 million damages in first battle of David-v-Goliaths licensing campaign

Ravgen is pursuing several large diagnostics companies in patent enforcement drive

04 October 2022

More than patents: Adeia CEO’s vision for the company’s future

As the company shifts into an independent IP business, a collaborative approach to media licensing and cutting the cord of traditional pay TV are on the agenda

04 October 2022

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