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IPBC India makes in-person return - last chance to join

Join IAM in Bangalore on 27 April to hear industry leaders tackle issues including the evolving IP court divisions and strategies around emerging tech

18 April 2023

IPBC Europe day two key highlights

EPO patent quality, innovative licensing deals and communicating to your CFO were all topics under scrutiny on the final day of our event in Paris

14 April 2023

Chinese mega-manufacturer TCL signs with Via Licensing

The company is the world’s third-largest television manufacturer and its AAC pool licence covers 30 million global products – including TVs, smartphones and tablets

13 April 2023

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Dana-Farber settle landmark dispute

Here's what you should know about the parties’ long-running battle over lucrative immuno-therapy patents

13 April 2023

IAM’s top takeaways from day one of IPBC Europe 2023

We reflect on what we heard about SEP licensing, mediation, trade secrets and the UPC from industry leaders

12 April 2023

New Pfizer/BioNTech covid-19 lawsuit adds to complex web of mRNA disputes

Genevant and Arbutus are seeking to cash in with another legal action targeting best-selling jab makers

11 April 2023

SEP/FRAND policy is about finding the middle ground, says UKIPO CEO

Adam Williams talks to IAM about the risk of chilling innovation, patent licensing, AI and more

07 April 2023

How the EC’s SEP licensing regulation will harm SMEs

As things stand, the only winners from the proposals will be deep pocket implementers – but there may be a way out of the mess

06 April 2023

DG GROW seeks to replace established FRAND valuation and licensing practices with top-down rate setting

Plans for patent essentiality checking, patent counting and aggregate royalty apportionments at EUIPO disregard prevailing valuation benchmarks in numerous long-established comparable licences

05 April 2023

Walking the tightrope between infringement notice and declaratory judgment risk

A carefully written letter puts a competitor on notice of infringement without creating legal controversy

05 April 2023

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