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BREAKING: Huawei and Sharp strike SEP cross-licence deal

The agreement grants the companies use of each other’s patents in 4G and 5G standards

27 November 2023

Will genAI on smartphones boost cellular SEP royalty revenue?

Qualcomm hopes its 2024 mobile chip enabling on-device genAI by Meta will entice consumer smartphone upgrades

24 November 2023

Asian companies should be ‘more vocal’ in global IP discussions, says Panasonic’s chief IP counsel

Andrew Yen chats to IAM about pool participation, selling patents and the European SEP policy proposal

24 November 2023

Radical SEP regulation amendments sought by several European Parliament groups

A wide range of EU legislators are voicing powerful and articulate opposition to the policy proposal

20 November 2023

Historic CRISPR drug approval heralds new era in Cas9 IP wars

Green light for first ever Cas9 therapy ushers in next phase of licensing and litigation efforts.

17 November 2023

The EU should listen to its Nordic champions, not ignore them

When companies with the innovation and tech leadership credentials of Ericsson, Nokia and Novo Nordisk raise major concerns about Commission proposals, their arguments deserve serious consideration. But it’s not happening. No wonder Europe is losing the global competition race

15 November 2023

IPwe moves into ESG space by launching pool with Siemens Energy, Maersk on board as licensors

New offering differs from previous IPwe AI-enabled ‘smart pools’ in attracting two major players from the off

10 November 2023

Auto IP disruption: highlights from IAM’s Munich event

The SEP regulation, depth of expertise and trade secrets were all discussed at this year’s Auto IP Europe

10 November 2023

FRAND licensing needs industry leadership

Former company IPR lead in ETSI, Richard Buttrick, unpicks the history of SEP licensing and urges industry to reassert ownership

09 November 2023

The products-plus-licensing model of a small firm that won $45 million from Vivint

You may not know SkyBell Technologies’ name due to its B2B model, but now its executives are opening up about the role patent licensing plays in the company’s growth and success

08 November 2023

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