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What rights holders need to know about China’s high-level IP policy blueprint

Gowling WLG’s Jian Xu breaks down China’s plans to build a “powerful IP nation” and what this strong top-down signal means for policy and practice.

13 April 2022

Australian appeals court shuts door on AI inventorship, reversing outlier ruling

In a setback for Dr Stephen Thaler and team behind the DABUS effort, the most significant win of their global campaign thus far was overturned today

13 April 2022

USPTO warns users on paying Russia for patent services using sanctioned banks

But the agency's official website still provides detailed instructions on how to route PCT search payments to VTB Bank and the Central Bank of Russia

11 April 2022

Now is not the time for the EU to fiddle with FRAND

In connectivity, Europe currently enjoys a level of technology security that it would be unwise to imperil with a needless redesign of the SEP licensing regime

09 April 2022

Judge Kathleen O’Malley: SCOTUS bought into ‘patent troll’ hype

In first public appearance since stepping down from the Federal Circuit, former judge speaks about the US Supreme Court’s record in patent cases, the effects of eBay and threats to Bayh-Dole

08 April 2022

Capitol Hill stakeholder meetings prod for compromise on PTAB reforms

Senators Patrick Leahy and Thom Tillis gathered IP stakeholders to debate a rewrite of the Restoring the America Invents Act and they may release a draft bill this week or next

07 April 2022

EPO filings rebound, but office operations are still recovering from covid impact

Applications to the European Patent Office have bounced back quickly from their blip in 2020, but other office functions are yet to return to normal.

07 April 2022

The pressure is on Kathi Vidal as she finally takes charge of the USPTO

After her long-awaited Senate confirmation, the agency’s new director has plenty on her plate and some unavoidably controversial decisions to make

07 April 2022

Kathi Vidal confirmed to lead USPTO, taking over amidst big IP policy debates

Senate assent comes in the form of a voice vote after two Republican lawmakers lift holds on the former Winston & Strawn litigator’s nomination

06 April 2022

Ireland’s lack of UPC referendum progress is worrying – and not just for local practitioners

There are still no signs of the national vote needed for Irish ratification of the Unified Patent Court Agreement

05 April 2022

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