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Vidal suggests tougher scrutiny for pharma patents is in the works

In some of her first public remarks, USPTO director hints at concrete actions the agency could soon take to address perceived patent abuses in life sciences

28 April 2022

How revised EPO guidelines affect treatment of AI inventions

Co-published – Although changes will make it tougher to secure patent protection, there are still ways through

27 April 2022

SCOTUS suggests willingness to finally tackle patent enablement standard

The US Supreme Court seeks Solicitor General’s input on whether take up controversial section 112 questions

22 April 2022

We'll keep buying 5G SEPs to complement our in-house R&D, Oppo CIPO says

Adler Feng, who was recently named the Chinese smartphone company's Chief IP Officer, talks about the differences between the 4G and 5G licensing environments

22 April 2022

Brazil beats patent backlog with help of international searches and AI

The INPI harnessed examination work done abroad as well as cutting-edge technology to reduce pileup of applications by 80%

21 April 2022

What the New York Times got right about patents

The newspaper's position set out in a recent and controversial editorial is too harsh on the US system as a whole, but some of its proposed reforms would bring greater balance

19 April 2022

Canada’s government ramps up efforts to build an IP strategy fit for a G7 economy

New proposals outlined in the federal budget are designed to enable the country to become a patent power on a par with the top performing members of the group

18 April 2022

Busy Delaware patent court gets judicial nominee with IP litigation experience

Fox Rothschild partner Gregory B Williams has handled dozens of patent infringement cases at district court, representing both plaintiffs and defendants

15 April 2022

US senators confirm plan to release PTAB reform bill

Patrick Leahy and Thom Tillis are collaborating on a draft bill to safeguard a defendant’s right to at least one “meritorious challenge” to a patent asserted in litigation, but they aim to block “gamesmanship and strategic litigation” at the PTAB

14 April 2022

The UK has a patent problem that needs solving

The British economy is among the world’s most innovative, but this is not reflected in patenting activity. The country’s policy makers must work out why to prevent major opportunities being squandered

14 April 2022

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