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Moderna attempt to deflect covid infringement suits to US government takes a setback

District Court in Delaware rebuffs company’s attempt to deny liability in the latest development of the increasingly complex mRNA patent wars

08 November 2022

Farewell, Fintiv discretionary denials

Docket Navigator data shows the drastic impact that USPTO Director Kathi Vidal’s new discretionary denial policies have had at the PTAB

07 November 2022

Flip-flopping USPTO rules are a problem and here’s the solution

Saturday Opinion: The agency must better utilise the formal notice-and-comment process – rather than precedential rulings – to shape PTAB regulations

05 November 2022

France Brevets’ public sector links hindered monetisation efforts, says CEO

As the sovereign patent fund closes down, CEO Didier Patry shares his thoughts with IAM readers on the organisation’s work over the past decade

03 November 2022

WIPO patent chief on SEPs, patent quality and the future

Deputy Director General Lisa Jorgenson speaks to IAM about SEPs, patent quality and eligibility, and her five-year outlook

02 November 2022

IP enforcement through China Customs

Featured in China: Managing the IP Lifecycle 2023

Customs has taken special action in recent years to strengthen the protection of IP rights, focusing on targeted protection in certain industries, transportation channels and circulation links.

02 November 2022

Administrative IP protection in China

Featured in China: Managing the IP Lifecycle 2023

Strengthening IP protection has become a main focus in China. With the increasing frequency of IP rights infringements, the question of how best to protect IP rights has become a concern that many rights holders are considering.

02 November 2022

IP finance, monetisation and much more take centre stage on Day One of IPBC Asia 2022

A broad range of subjects and talking points - including a plenary address from JPO Commissioner Koichi Hamano - kept the 400+ delegates engaged as the event got underway in Tokyo

01 November 2022

EPO must focus on quality rather than efficiency, says Siemens IP chief

Beat Weibel, who is spearheading a new Industry Patent Quality Charter, is calling for change at the European Patent Office

31 October 2022

PTAB challenges to Section 101 application rejections show dicey odds for patent filers

“The deck is really stacked against the applicants at the PTAB,” says Michael Borella, partner in McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff

28 October 2022

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