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UK plans to diverge from EU on AI-related IP exemption

Moves announced after consultation will affect copyright and database rights, but leave status quo in place for inventorship

29 June 2022

Why it's time to create transparency around 5G SEPs

Shared perspective among industry participants will stimulate greater understanding of the cellular market environment and increase confidence and accuracy in IP executive decision-making, write Bowman Heiden and Lew Zeretzki

29 June 2022

Delhi High Court reaches landmark decision on patent examination report deadlines

The court’s ruling means that delays in responding to examination reports may be permitted when it is clear that an applicant does not intend to abandon their patent application and an unfavourable result is due to negligence on the part of the prosecuting agent.

29 June 2022

Good news for patent challengers - Vidal’s Fintiv tweaks will reduce discretionary denials

PTAB practitioners say rights holders will view the recently announced changes with disappointment, but there is likely to be greater certainty and predictability around IPR institutions

24 June 2022

Kathi Vidal reforms discretionary denial procedures at PTAB

USPTO Director's spin on Fintiv pledges institution in three defined areas, including when there are compelling unpatentability arguments or where there's a parallel ITC case

22 June 2022

EPO study shows no grace period has low impact, but US entities most affected

Findings indicate that reform to the current regime are unlikely, although European universities may see benefits if changes were made

21 June 2022

First, do no harm must be the guiding principle of patent system reform

Recent comments by USPTO Director Kathi Vidal on rethinking everything are not unreasonable, but must be followed by the gathering of hard evidence that any changes will make things better

18 June 2022

Breaking: Vaccine IP waiver agreed by WTO members

The agreed IP waiver is less far-reaching than the original proposal, but underscores how the pandemic has impacted IP politics.

17 June 2022

The USPTO’s IPR decision reviews will build trust in PTAB proceedings

The Circulation Judge Pool’s review of panel draft decisions and the Director’s review of issued decisions should create more confidence in the process

16 June 2022

The importance of IP to US national security interests is finally being understood

At a recent event in Washington DC, it was clear that American policymakers and government officials are beginning to pay closer attention to the role that patents and other rights can play as key geopolitical assets. William New reports

15 June 2022

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