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USPTO creates new use for Arthrex director reviews and “IPR trolls” become the test case

Move comes just weeks after Kathi Vidal promised prominent US senators she’ll take strong action on alleged abuse involving patents from the VLSI v Intel case

09 June 2022

UPC opt-out strategies are now a matter of urgency

Decisions on what to do with existing European patent bundles could be required within the next month

09 June 2022

The USPTO, NIST and Department of Justice withdraw 2019 joint policy statement on SEPs and FRAND without adopting 2021 draft

Unexpected move means there is now no official US government position set down in writing, instead focus will be on courts and case-by-case regulatory scrutiny

08 June 2022

5G standards and the stark divide between innovators and implementers

More than 70% of the technical contributions in the standardisation process have been submitted by just 10 companies and that poses a significant challenge for policymakers, write Qualcomm’s Georgios Effraimidis and Kirti Gupta

08 June 2022

Words and resources are nice, but the USPTO needs more concrete measures on innovator diversity

Kathi Vidal’s passion for inclusion can’t be questioned, but her agency’s first priority – a new webpage – isn’t as impactful as we might have hoped for

04 June 2022

Top takeaways from Kathi Vidal’s early days in office

Since being sworn-in, the agency's director has rolled-out new IPR decision review procedures, revealed plans to boost patent quality and pledged to look closely at eligibility

03 June 2022

Hope grows in the US for measured, concrete action on inter partes review abuse

Practitioners say there are clear signs that the new USPTO leadership is taking the issue seriously, but is not rushing into a policy decision

03 June 2022

No turning back the clock on pandemic changes, says EPO Boards of Appeal president

BoA President Carl Josefsson also tells IAM that backlog reduction efforts are on track and the organisation is turning its attention toward timeliness of proceedings

27 May 2022

SEP stakeholders weigh in as EU mulls changes to FRAND framework

Reaction to a Commission call for evidence was more muted than the recent consultation exercise in the US, but raised some important points specific to Europe

24 May 2022

EPO chief economist: IP practitioners should use commercial nous to help Europe’s Deep Tech sector

IAM speaks to Yann Ménière of the European Patent Office about how the patent profession can best support Fourth Industrial Revolution innovators

23 May 2022

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