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Chinese investors spark IP fears with plans for British chip firm

UK government called on to investigate as Chinese backer moves to take up board seats, but the time to worry about IP ownership may be past

07 April 2020

IP-focused arbitration centre seeks to head off legal disputes caused by pandemic

Many court dockets are on hold, but IP disputes are not. Ocean Tomo and the International Arbitration Centre Tokyo think ADR can help bridge the gap

30 March 2020

Final call to take part in this year’s IAM benchmarking survey

Help us to identify the key trends currently shaping the global IP market

26 March 2020

Final call for IP Hall of Fame 2020 nominations

You have until the end of the week to put forward names for consideration

19 March 2020

Help us map the latest developments in the global IP market

There’s not long left to answer our annual IP benchmarking survey

18 March 2020

How to secure IP litigation funding in the pharma and biotech sectors

Leading players in this evolving space tell IAM about trends in the biopharma industry and advise on how best to get investment

17 March 2020

Notice of postponement - IPBC Europe 2020 and IP Risk Management Europe 2020

New dates for both events, which had been scheduled to take place in the last week of March, will be announced as soon as possible

06 March 2020

US display startup pledges patents to Chinese backer

Flexible OLED pioneer Kateeva is pivoting to China after mass layoffs. An IP security agreement recorded at the USPTO suggests its newest backer has links to China’s semiconductor 'Big Fund'

05 March 2020

Japanese firms’ IP accounting attracts US tax scrutiny

Silicon Valley behemoths like Facebook are not the only firms under the IRS microscope, according to a recent Japanese media report

28 February 2020

Tell us what you think of the latest developments in the global IP market

IAM's annual IP benchmarking survey opens today

18 February 2020

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