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Lidar leader Velodyne inks patent cross-licence with China’s Hesai

Settlement deal reveals that the pair were litigating in China as well as the US and Germany

23 July 2020

IPValue inks semiconductor patent licensing deal with RPX

Agreement hands group of the defensive aggregator’s members rights to 500+ former Panasonic assets and continues run of success being enjoyed by the NPE headed by John Lindgren

20 July 2020

A patent's journey from IAM Market to Facebook v BlackBerry

Analysis shows that assets listed on the platform sell at a higher rate than average, while they are also litigated more often

07 July 2020

TSMC taking advantage of its uniquely structured deal with WiLAN

The recent transfer of a Korean chip patent portfolio hints that the Taiwanese foundry is finding value in a 2018 deal entered on an annual subscription basis

10 June 2020

Out of the blocks – mitigating patent risk over distributed ledgers

With rapidly developing technology likely to disrupt a range of sectors, getting a headstart now could put companies ahead of the pack

08 June 2020

100 not out

We invite past cover stars to reflect on their 15 minutes of fame and the evolution of the market for IAM’s centennial issue

08 June 2020

From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of IAM 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of IAM

08 June 2020

Panasonic’s expertise in patent monetisation has never been more important

Like many other businesses, the Japanese heavyweight is under significant financial pressure thanks to the covid-19 pandemic, but its long track record of leveraging its IP assets could prove a saving grace

05 June 2020

New data points to big jump in NPE patent assertions in the auto sector

Along with headline suits targeting the likes of Daimler and Tesla, the numbers point to much broader activity involving OEMs and suppliers

27 May 2020

Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Uber all back new AST patent buying initiative

Decision to drop into the market outside of the usual IP3 programme comes amid growing signs of assertion ativity

25 May 2020

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