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Xiaomi’s patent plays prepare it for a global role

The Beijing-based smartphone manufacturer has been busy doing licensing deals and making acquisitions, not only to build its strength at home but also on the international stage

04 September 2020

Inside the plan to develop a patent licensing market for cannabis

“We want to be the RPX of the industry,” co-founder Jay Yonamine tells IAM in exclusive interview

02 September 2020

Patent transactions in Q2 2020

Featured in Secondary Market Activity

After bumper first quarter new AST data shows how dealmaking slowed in Q2; semiconductors and pharma are busiest sectors

24 August 2020

LOT inks one of China’s most active patent dealmakers

Xiaomi is the biggest smartphone name to join the alliance yet, and has purchased hundreds of rights from third parties over the years

24 August 2020

Video remains a battleground for Chinese companies and major licensors

Device makers including Xiaomi, TCL and Lenovo are caught up in overseas litigation as patent pools and independent licensors alike face difficulty getting deals done

21 August 2020

Why Licensing 2.0 must mean collaboration, not confrontation

Only a re-envisaged, total ecosystem approach to sharing IP will facilitate the kind of co-operation between innovators and implementers that the knowledge economy needs

19 August 2020

More than $500 million spent, rights to 20,000 assets secured, RPX CEO reflects on an intense first two years

Dan McCurdy reiterates commitment to business’s core focus and flags upcoming expansion of analytics platform; says prosecution market isn’t ready for cutting-edge AI tools

17 August 2020

RPX swoops in to acquire patent portfolio from failed AR company

Defensive aggregator picks up more than 100 assets from business that went bust last year

07 August 2020

Key OIN signups show China Inc is on board with open source

Huawei, Baidu and chipmaker Unisoc have joined Tencent and Alibaba in the network, which made getting China more involved a priority several years ago

31 July 2020

Patent risk profile front and centre in run up to Ant Group’s IPO

The company’s filings have exploded since the second half of 2019 and, while it is difficult to discern the quality of the assets, the portfolio is in capable hands

24 July 2020

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