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Meet the people who make the global patent transactions market tick

The Long Read: Grounded at home and facing an uncertain business environment, IP business leaders still found ample opportunity to make innovative deals during the covid pandemic. Today, we name the individuals sitting in places 40 down to 11 in this year's IAM Market Makers ranking

25 August 2021

ByteDance becomes the latest Chinese tech giant to sign up with OIN

CEO Keith Bergelt hails the TikTok maker’s arrival as a significant moment in the network’s development

17 August 2021

Oppo adds over 1,400 patents to portfolio through third-party acquisitions

The Guangdong-based smartphone vendor is a familiar face on the secondary market, using tactical purchases to boost its overseas holdings and strengthen its presence in cellular technologies

03 June 2021

As another major Chinese corporate joins its ranks, OIN approaches an inflection point

The defensive patent community led by Keith Bergelt, that is focused on safeguarding Linux, has been so successful it could now have outgrown the reasons for its establishment

31 May 2021

Hyundai supplier promises big patent investments

Korean parts supplier Hyundai Mobis is only the latest Asian auto giant that is focusing more on its IP portfolio

17 May 2021

Wireless back to the fore for IP Bridge in multi-jurisdiction patent tangle with Huawei

Japanese fund’s first acquisition and first new litigation since going private have both centred on SEPs

11 May 2021

After strategic pivot video patent platform files suit against Dell

Video Labs has made its first enforcement against the giant PC business in a move that, for one of its leaders, marks a notable return to the assertion business

05 May 2021

Shopify joins OIN in further sign of Canadian tech giant's growing patent focus

Despite some familiar griping about IP from its CEO, the e-commerce business is continuing to build its defences

04 May 2021

Patent transactions in Q4 2020

Featured in Secondary Market Activity

AST data shows that the volume of transactions dipped slightly in the last three months of the year, though indications are that overall the market is relatively healthy

12 March 2021

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others pass on $500 million patent in latest IP3 auction

AST's buying programme was back again in 2020 and while it generated close to $3 million, the total was down on the previous year and the 2016 record

10 March 2021

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