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What a unified US Intellectual Property Office could mean for policy and practice

Tillis staffer says proposal could address national IP policymaking that sometimes seems “disjointed”, but open questions include where the new agency would sit and how it would fund itself

18 March 2022

IP risk management has never been more important

Saturday Opinion: Understandably, the challenges to rights holders posed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine are not a frontline issue, but they exist nevertheless. Businesses need to understand what they are and then mitigate them

12 March 2022

Russia's sanctions response takes aim at foreign IP owners

Proposal from top economic ministry is just one of several commercial risk-management issues to arise from Russian invasion of Ukraine

08 March 2022

How to protect taglines in China

For taglines to be registered as trademarks in China, it is essential that they are both distinctive and creative. The Anti-Unfair Competition Law acts as a contingency for taglines that fail registration if they do not satisfy these conditions

02 March 2022

To sell or to license: how to choose the right strategy to commercialise technology rights

There are a number of issues to consider when transferring rights in a technology to another entity. Whether a company opts to sell or license, awareness of the local rules in which the transfer will take place is vital

23 February 2022

The digital transformation of IP management still has a long way to go

Saturday Opinion: Though digital IP tools have come a long way, Anushka Arya and Nigel Wong of Rouse Consultancy argue that they have yet to make inroads into the most high-level areas of decision making

12 February 2022

NFTs: buyers beware! The view from Russia

Purchasers of an NFT linked with a specified digital art piece ought to be aware of that piece’s IP rights, to avoid facing infringement claims from third parties in Russia

09 February 2022

Patenting AI: the nature of inventorship and the mechanics of ownership

Under English law, there is considerable uncertainty as to whether an AI program can be regarded as an inventor of a patent. Such ambiguity means that contracts between parties are crucial to regulating patent ownership

09 February 2022

WIPO Proof discontinued after failing to gain traction

The digital timestamping service was officially closed down yesterday. Despite a strong backend, it suffered from competition, miscalibration, and a lack of international legal harmonisation

01 February 2022

Building blocks for the metaverse – practical IP considerations for NFT investors and creators

Nader Mousavi, Mehdi Ansari, Jay Thornton and Jonathan Hofman of Sullivan & Cromwell explore the legal issues facing creators and buyers of NFTs, alongside the regulatory frameworks in which they are being used

19 January 2022

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