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NFTs: buyers beware! The view from Russia

Purchasers of an NFT linked with a specified digital art piece ought to be aware of that piece’s IP rights, to avoid facing infringement claims from third parties in Russia

09 February 2022

Patenting AI: the nature of inventorship and the mechanics of ownership

Under English law, there is considerable uncertainty as to whether an AI program can be regarded as an inventor of a patent. Such ambiguity means that contracts between parties are crucial to regulating patent ownership

09 February 2022

WIPO Proof discontinued after failing to gain traction

The digital timestamping service was officially closed down yesterday. Despite a strong backend, it suffered from competition, miscalibration, and a lack of international legal harmonisation

01 February 2022

Building blocks for the metaverse – practical IP considerations for NFT investors and creators

Nader Mousavi, Mehdi Ansari, Jay Thornton and Jonathan Hofman of Sullivan & Cromwell explore the legal issues facing creators and buyers of NFTs, alongside the regulatory frameworks in which they are being used

19 January 2022

Rise of AI continues to re-write life sciences IP strategies in 2022

A spate of pharma-high tech innovation partnerships have dominated opening days of the year

11 January 2022

Vidal looks all set to lead the USPTO after confident Senate hearing

In a strong display, the Biden administration's choice to lead the agency addressed Section 101 reform and Fintiv discretionary denials, but may have left a hostage to fortune on SEP/FRAND

02 December 2021

Groundbreaking open-source rulings could mean big changes for China’s software industry

Recent copyright infringement judgments in Shenzhen and Guangzhou could upend common practices for commercial software developers

23 November 2021

Recent lawsuits show urgency of Peloton’s efforts to bulk up its patent portfolio

Maker of high-end exercise equipment sues two rivals just days after new patent grant – the company has used M&A and new filings to boost its holdings dramatically over the last year

19 November 2021

Beijing targets $54 billion in cross-border IP royalty flow by 2025

A new high-level policy calls for growth by a metric that includes not just royalty receipts but also payments to foreign IP owners

23 September 2021

Why the delay in picking a new USPTO director really matters

Acting head Drew Hirshfeld says he’s focused on doing the best job possible, but some fear that without a permanent political appointee the agency could be hamstrung

03 September 2021

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