Netflix is an increasingly attractive patent litigation target

Recently targeted by Broadcom and Personalized Media Communications, the streaming giant is beginning to prepare for its new IP normal

Netflix is an increasingly attractive patent litigation target
WHO covid-19 IP pool launches this week without strong pharma support
26 May 2020

WHO covid-19 IP pool launches this week without strong pharma support

Open and global sharing of patents, data and know-how is seen as a step too far by many life sciences innovators

Global calls for compulsory covid-19 patent licensing build
21 May 2020

Global calls for compulsory covid-19 patent licensing build

Scrutiny of biopharma innovators’ coronavirus IP strategies will continue to intensify in coming months as concerns mount about access to treatments


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16 May 2020

IP is here to stay, but everything is going to change

As IAM celebrates its 100th issue, a look back at how it all began, a fast forward to the future and a massive thank-you Read more

14 May 2020

Patent cliff fears drive through 2020’s second largest pharma deal

Despite an M&A slowdown amid coronavirus uncertainties, Alexion Pharmaceuticals has splashed out more than $1 billion in the face of imminent threats to its IP position in the US and Europe Read more

11 May 2020

Acacia announces acquisition of former Yahoo! patents in massive expansion of its holdings

Purchase of ExcaliburIP increases the size of the NPE's portfolio and "creates an attractive blend of licensing and litigation opportunities to pursue," says CEO Read more

8 May 2020

TiVo steps up efforts to build patent pipeline while Comcast battle rages

With an upcoming merger and the resulting prospect of a standalone IP business, the entertainment technology business needs a powerful portfolio now more than ever Read more


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2 May 2020

It’s a downturn Jim, but not as IP owners know it

Patent rights may fare well in a recession but this is a global market unlike any other we have seen before Read more

16 Apr 2020

Exclusive: New IP policy to help forge partnerships on potential UK covid-19 vaccine

Licensing deals on crucial technologies expected in next two months, says Oxford University tech transfer chief, after scientist indicates significant progress in efforts to find coronavirus treatment Read more

9 Apr 2020

World leaders hatch further plans for accessibility of covid-19 IP rights

WHO to establish voluntary patent pool, while Greek Prime Minister calls for EU to buy rights to vaccines and tests Read more

30 Mar 2020

IP-focused arbitration centre seeks to head off legal disputes caused by pandemic

Many court dockets are on hold, but IP disputes are not. Ocean Tomo and the International Arbitration Centre Tokyo think ADR can help bridge the gap Read more


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6 May 2020

How landscaping can bring a royalty stack solution one step closer

Just how much device makers are on the hook for in patent licensing pay-outs is frequently a matter of major contention. Machine-learning tools provide a crucial way to assess this risk Read more

5 May 2020

Data the key focus of big tech inroads in India

Investments by Facebook and Silver Lake in telecoms leader Reliance Jio bring lively discussion over data ownership to the fore Read more

1 May 2020

Ping An’s embrace of patents still leaves it trailing the big boys

The Chinese insurance giant made a surprising appearance on the top 10 PCT filers list for 2019, but despite significant progress in AI, blockchain and cloud computing it still has a way to go to rival the likes of Tencent and Alibaba Read more

28 Apr 2020

Spangenberg expands services business with new AI acquisition

“Since consolidation in this space is inevitable, I thought it made a lot of sense to merge with the best,” says former IPNav head Read more


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1 Oct 2017

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past …

A round-up of IP-related quotes, observations and opinions from the recent past …

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30 Sep 2016

McRO gives hope to US patent owners, but Section 101 uncertainty remains

After two years of uncertainty and no little gloom, a recent Federal Circuit decision may just herald the long-awaited swing-back in the pendulum that software patent owners in the United States have been waiting for. Some, though, still believe that Congress must bite the bullet and take a look at Section 101 Read more

1 Aug 2016

Brexit leaves the UPC in limbo – and that’s no bad thing

The UK vote to leave the European Union may have surprised and disappointed many in the IP community, but a rush to bypass the decision and implement the unitary patent package would be a mistake

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31 Jul 2015

A perfect storm means that Europe now has the chance to lead

While legislators and the courts conspire to make life ever harder for patent owners in the United States, across the Atlantic imminent changes are taking the narrative in the opposite direction. This all means that Europe has a historic opportunity to assume global patent leadership

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