Finding out who owns a patent is far harder than it should be – and that’s a problem

Lack of transparency around ownership is not always deliberate, but seeing through the fog is vital if IP is ever to become a fully-fledged asset class

Finding out who owns a patent is far harder than it should be – and that’s a problem
Oppo buys wireless patent portfolio from ZTE
14 May 2021

Oppo buys wireless patent portfolio from ZTE

Telecoms equipment firm continues to monetise its portfolio in the wake of several transactions with NPEs

LG’s smartphone portfolio is a treasure trove of high-quality 4G and 5G SEPs
7 May 2021

LG’s smartphone portfolio is a treasure trove of high-quality 4G and 5G SEPs

The South Korean company is reportedly looking for buyers of its mobile patents. Given what may be available, it shouldn’t have to try too hard


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7 May 2021

Samsung and Ericsson settle patent licensing dispute

Swedish company projects second quarter licensing revenues of up to $297 million after signing cross-licence which includes 5G rights Read more

6 May 2021

Xperi takes $60 million semiconductor licensing hit but media assets continue to pay off

Despite revenue drop, company insisted it can exceed $350 million IP revenue target and said it's on track to split the product and patent businesses Read more

5 May 2021

Samsung hit with smartphone patents recently sold by LG Innotek

Suit filed by Irish NPE in Western District of Texas could bring concerns over the separate LG Electronics portfolio to the forefront Read more

3 May 2021

Huawei reports patent royalty income of $600 million in first quarter

Chinese company cites licensing revenue as one reason why it has remained profitable despite a sharp decline in its smartphone business Read more


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18 Mar 2021

Another brick in the wall towards patents becoming fully-fledged assets

Announcing the creation of SPIF - a non-partisan, open standard, human readable solution for uniquely identifying patent assets that is consistent with existing formats Read more

2 Mar 2021

Negotiating patent licensing agreements during a pandemic

Co-published - Although some major deals in the semiconductor space have been concluded over the last year, respondents to a survey on virtual negotiations see major difficulties in online discussions Read more

22 Feb 2021

Boom in M&A shifts semiconductor patent landscape

Co-published A surge in activity in 2020 could lead to major IP reconfigurations in the sector Read more

22 Dec 2020

The keys to effective IP monetisation

Patent licensing is as much an art as it is a science, explain some of those featured in the new IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders guide Read more


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30 Apr 2021

The prospect of an LG SEP sale is making some in South Korea nervous

Wireless patents are among the portfolios being shopped by the electronics giant as it withdraws from the smartphone industry – some in South Korea would prefer to keep these rights at home Read more

26 Apr 2021

Armed with hundreds of former Huawei patents, spinoff seeks to sell 100 million smartphones this year

Newly independent brand Honor receives an IP injection from its former owner as it sets up an standalone patent department Read more

23 Apr 2021

M&A moves by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have had significant patent pay-offs

Deal making is an important way for tech giants to strengthen their portfolios, but increasing regulatory scrutiny could jeopardise the strategy Read more

23 Apr 2021

What the decline of a big patent buyer means for Chinese IP strategies

Rising US-China tensions create big supply chain risk that could dent mid-sized suppliers’ appetite for overseas acquisitions Read more


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12 Aug 2020

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From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of IAM 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of IAM Read more

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