Oppo’s big Nokia deal; pharma patents under pressure; Silicon Valley woe; patent market data revealed; plus much more

With 16 pieces posted over the last week it as been a very busy few days on the IAM platform. Here’s what we covered …

MONDAY 26th November

Seoul-based Innovative Technology Lab transferred 20 telecom-related patents to Huawei in October. A common inventor links the portfolio to patents acquired by Apple earlier in the year. Read more here

E-cigarette company Juul has stepped up patent enforcement efforts in the US courts and at the International Trade Commission. Read more here

Life sciences IP is on the front line as US consumers, legislators and the Trump administration kick back against the high cost of medicines. Read more here

TUESDAY 27th November

“Ericsson has great strength in 5G and our patent position will reflect this – and we wanted to get that across,” says Ericsson IP strategy chief about 5G patent report. Read more here

The key takeaways from Oppo’s worldwide, royalty-bearing licensing deal with Nokia – including view from the Chinese company’s IP head. Read more here

Acer, Mattel and HTC are in the cross-hairs of an NPE that is asserting patent formerly owned by Huawei in several US district courts. Read more here  

WEDNESDAY 28th November

Just months after a private equity takeover, RPX has appointed a world class IP dealmaker as its new CEO. Dan McCurdy will need all of his experience to turn the form’s fortunes around. Read more here

THURSDAY 29th November

With US trade secret litigation on the rise, a new suit from Intel follows an increasingly familiar storyline. Read more here

Stinging from a $66m loss in a California trade secrets case, a Chinese LED maker has hit back against Apple and Lumileds on home territory with a patent suit that could get political. Read more here

TCL v Ericsson and Unwired Planet v Huawei send two very different messages to auto companies being approached by patent pools such as Avanci to take SEP licences. Read more here  

FRIDAY 30th November

A recent CAFC decision could make it a whole lot harder for pharmaceutical companies to assert continuation patents in the US. Read more here

The USPTO director’s rejection of the ‘troll’ narrative and the departure of key Congressional backers mean that big technology companies have lost control of the US IP policy-making narrative. Read more here

For over half a century Dolby Labs has worked hard to ensure that the company’s IP strategy is always aligned with its overall business goals. Its success in doing this teaches valuable lessons. Read more here

The inaugural IPBC Latin America threw the spotlight on the untapped potential of the region’s largest economy, but the patent backlog in Brazil poses serious problems. Read more here

There is not much time left to make nominations for the 2019 edition of the IAM Strategy 300, our exclusive guide to the world's best IP strategists. Read more here

SUNDAY 2ND December

All the data about the brokered patent market’s deal volume, prices, top geographies and favoured technology areas. Read more here

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