Patent sales on the rise; Microsoft’s deal with Chinese drone company; a deep dive into Oppo’s portfolio; IP insurance goes mainstream; and much more

Now that Thanksgiving is over it’s time for our US readers to catch up with what they missed while gorging on the turkey …

MONDAY 19th November

The UK Supreme Court has heard arguments in a much-anticipated case that could result in pharma companies finding it harder to secure and enforce dosage patents. Read more here

Baidu is China’s number one for patents covering artificial intelligence in both the domestic and overseas markets, new research has revealed. Read more here

Fortress IP Group has filed a series of infringement suits against big tech companies - including Apple, Google and Microsoft - with patents picked up from NPE Uniloc. Read more here

TUESDAY 20th November

Microsoft has signed a business partnership deal with DJI which includes the transfer of a portfolio of patents to the Chinese drone maker. Read more here

A CAFC judgment which overturns a lower court decision to invalidate a software-relate patent has provided some welcome relief to those holding rights in the field. Read more here

Two recent decisions from Australia’s Federal Court look like making life tougher for life sciences companies seeking interlocutory injunctions. Read more here

A new ISO standard for risk management re-conceptualises risk in a way that is useful for IP professionals. Read more here

Negative know-how, an often-overlooked trade secret, can generate surprising value, especially where competition is most heated. Read more here

WEDNESDAY 21st November

China’s 100 most innovative entities are continuing to develop their overseas patent holdings, with 39 of them now holding at least 10% of their portfolios in foreign jurisdictions. Read more here

THURSDAY 22nd November

A Chinese NPE with links to a defunct state-backed semiconductor venture is asserting 3G-related patents against Coolpad and MediaTek that read on the TD-SCDMA standard. Read more here

Our analysis of the UK Supreme Court’s pregabalin decision, which looks like it will make it tougher to enforce second medical use patents. Read more here

IP insurance products are not new, but they have never really taken off. Now, though, the industry's heavy hitters are moving in and things could be about to change. Read more here  

FRIDAY 23rd November

MPEG-LA has secured an AVC/H.264 licence deal with Xiaomi, while a win against Huawei in Germany puts the patent pool operator within striking distance of agreements with the top five global smartphone vendors. Read more here

Oppo’s patent collection is one of the fastest-growing in the world. We took a deep dive into the Chinese mobile device manufacturers portfolio to see what it contains. Read more here

The brokered patent market is maturing - prices are stabilising, selling programmes are becoming more streamlined and there are more transactions overall. Read more here

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