IAM and WTR join forces for Latin America IP strategy event

WTR and IAM have announced the agenda for the Latin America IP Summit, which will take place in Tivoli Mofarrej, São Paulo, on 8-9 November 2023.

Across one and a half jam-packed days, local and international corporate IP executives, senior brand leaders, deal makers, policy experts and legal advisers will explore a range of issues and challenges impacting your day-to-day IP operations, offer tips on how to better protect and monetise assets, and reveal how to position teams for future success. The event – supported by the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association – will also feature over seven hours of networking.

The full agenda is presented below. Over the coming weeks, we will announce the speakers who will be sharing their insights, best practice tips and know-how.

Wednesday 8 November

Mapping the IP landscape

Case law and policy changes are transforming the world in which IP leaders operate. Learn about the impact on patents, trademarks, know-how, and trade secrets in the region.

  • How to navigate the patent and trademark landscape in Brazil, Columbia, and Mexico
  • Need-to-know case law and policy changes in China, Europe, and the United States
  • Using know-how and trade secrets to protect IP across the region

Building blocks for a winning strategy

Learn how to think creatively about how to do more with less while driving value for your company.

  • Building a fully integrated patent and trademark protection strategy
  • Demonstrating IP’s role as a key business asset to the C-suite
  • Ensuring long-term competitive advantages despite tightening budgets

SEPs in the spotlight

SEPs continue to be foundational in several key industries, so staying up to date with the latest developments from the region (and beyond) is essential.

  • The role of Brazil and Columbia in global licensing strategies
  • Cases, countries, and changes to watch for in the next year
  • The European Commission’s SEP licensing plans and why it matters to you

Thursday 9 November

The trade secrets playbook 

Trade secrets are becoming a more critical asset, but a lack of adequate protection can lead to poor enforcement outcomes.

  • Identifying, capturing, and monetising trade secrets
  • Developing and executing a coherent protection plan
  • Embedding trade secrets into the DNA of your IP strategy

Successfully monetising your brand and patent portfolio

Unlocking the value of your company’s IP portfolio and setting the right transaction price is a crucial component for selling and licensing.

  • Working with internal stakeholders to integrate business and IP strategies
  • Preparing your portfolio for monetisation: the keys to success
  • Getting deals done: drafting and managing robust licensing agreements

Joint development agreements – opportunities incoming

Joint development agreements can accelerate a company’s transformation, but it is critical that the underlying agreements are watertight.

  • Conducting effective negotiations: tips for success
  • Making strategic IP choices and weighing risk
  • Lessons learned: takeaways from recent success stories

Brand protection – fighting fakes

In a rapidly evolving marketplace where consumers search for bargains, brand protection can be challenging. Learn how to stay ahead of infringement in a range of online and offline markets.  

  • Building a successful relationship with e-commerce platforms
  • Adapting brand protection strategies for the rapidly changing social media space
  • Tracking and taking down illicit sellers: tool and tips  

The future of IP in a world of AI

Artificial intelligence is expanding the relevance of high-tech innovation in all sectors, but what does it mean for human input and intellectual property?

  • Collecting, using, and protecting data while adhering to different regulations across the region
  • Understanding the risks to trade secrets, copyright, and data in the era of ChatGPT
  • AI inventorship case law around the world

In-house professionals attend for free. For more information on the event, visit the event website here.

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