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Inside Apple’s negotiations with a Chinese patent owner on the war path

The smartphone giant faces an infringement claim in Shanghai over Siri-related technology. Communications published by Chinese inventor show how the conflict developed.

Inside Apple’s negotiations with a Chinese patent owner on the war path
10 Sep 2018

Japanese suppliers see little alternative to litigation as challenges in China mount

Companies across the auto supply chain seek to stop infringement and prevent trade secret loss as China’s central government seeks to boost local players.

10 Sep 2018

Chinese firm’s rare victory in trade secrets case holds lessons for other defendants

Qingdao metal manufacturer fended off ITC Section 337 complaint with fastidious R&D record keeping, among other factors


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30 Aug 2018

SK Hynix bolsters patent holdings, buying two portfolios

Korean chipmaker turns to HP Enterprise and Integrated Device Technology as its US patent risks escalate Read more

9 Jul 2018

Micron is not the first trade war casualty in China’s patent courts, and probably won’t be the last

Micron suffered a Chinese injunction last week in a case brought by a local competitor. The dispute began with a claim of trade secrets theft, and illustrates why US and Chinese officials are at loggerheads over IP issues. Read more

7 Jun 2018

Intellectual Ventures, Amex veterans to launch blockchain-powered IP trading platform

New start-up Operem hopes to launch IP exchange by year's end after closing series A funding round in April. CEO Tim Londergan says the project can lure financial investors into the IP world.  Read more

1 Jun 2018

Data sheds much-needed light on the trade secrets litigation landscape

New figures from litigation data provider Lex Machina show strong take-up following 2016's Defend Trade Secrets Act. More than 70% of trade secrets cases resolved at trial are won by plaintiffs. Read more


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31 May 2018

ZTE's IP and compliance records deserve a fair look as US administration weighs deal

David Kline has written an article at TechCrunch criticising the deal that appears to be taking shape between the US and Chinese governments that would allow ZTE to stay in business. The thrust of Kline’s argument is that ZTE is such a uniquely bad… Read more

12 Apr 2018

Canon and Samsung weigh-in for Nokia and Ericsson in key Indian licensing transparency debate

Asian patent owners including Canon, Huawei and Samsung have joined a group of big European companies in asking the Indian Patent Office to stop collecting certain licensing information. The opinions come amidst a public-interest litigation in which… Read more

10 Apr 2018

Beijing will scrutinise deals that transfer Chinese IP rights overseas on national security grounds

China’s government will soon introduce a formal process for reviewing the transfer of domestically-developed IP rights overseas. Thus far, the regulations raise more questions than answers. While they may not threaten routine cross-border patent… Read more

5 Apr 2018

Chinese panel maker stocked up on patents in run-up to Foxconn battle, including from unlikely sources

Last week, this blog reported that litigation activity is heating up in China’s hyper-competitive display industry. Among the signs: Foxconn panel unit Innolux filed 17 patent suits against mainland competitor HKC in February. A look at USPTO… Read more

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