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In the mobile licensing world, US patent holdings do not have the power they did

Globalisation in the 5G era has reduced the clout of portfolios centred on the country, but decisions taken by the government, the courts and in boardrooms have hastened the process

17 June 2021

Tesla transactions show that patents matter in research collaboration and M&A

Recent recordals show the electric car maker has cut a deal with Panasonic, assimilated a large portfolio of solar rights and gained assets via M&A deals

16 June 2021

Global patent licensing rates without global portfolios are not FRAND, says Xiaomi’s IP strategy head

If licensors are unwilling to be reasonable, then this is an issue that will have to be sorted out by the courts, says Paul Lin in an exclusive interview

15 June 2021

$2 billion deal shows growing sophistication of drug royalty sales

Latest Royalty Pharma investment shows is further evidence of the increasing IP monetisation options open to healthcare innovators

15 June 2021

Samsung sues Irish NPE just six months after settlement, claiming its “large checks” failed to buy “lasting peace”

New lawsuit puts the structure of Atlantic IP Services, the prolific Irish patent licensing firm, under the spotlight

15 June 2021

The IP dangers in life sciences collaborations and how to avoid them

Partnership agreements are a growing part of the biopharma R&D process, so anticipating potential pitfalls in such arrangements is vital

14 June 2021

Bolstered by LG SEP acquisition, Japanese patent fund takes on the Nordics

IP Bridge lawsuits against Nokia and Ericsson confirm NPE’s focus on the wireless space

14 June 2021

How Roche, Bristol-Myers and Pfizer use M&A to strengthen their patent positions

The pharmaceutical sector has always been hot on dealmaking and the most active players continue to make serious portfolio gains in terms of volume and quality

11 June 2021

China’s “overly broad” junk patent dragnet could snare legitimate filings

The IPO takes issue with rules proposed by the Chinese patent office to filter out 'abnormal' applications

10 June 2021

TiVo secures IPTV patents after auction in which RPX also took part

That both the Xperi subsidiary and the defensive aggregator were involved in bidding for MobiTV’s assets shows the growing importance of the content delivery space to dealmakers

04 June 2021

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