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Chinese buyer of 10,000+ LED patents from LG Innotek revealed

Newly-created Suzhou Lekin Semiconductor is backed by a well-connected Chinese lighting magnate

04 June 2021

Oppo adds over 1,400 patents to portfolio through third-party acquisitions

The Guangdong-based smartphone vendor is a familiar face on the secondary market, using tactical purchases to boost its overseas holdings and strengthen its presence in cellular technologies

03 June 2021

Xiaomi royalty figures show importance of IP strategy as it grows international footprint

In a banner quarter, company gets off US government blacklist, grows profits, and pays a hefty royalty sum

01 June 2021

Mitsubishi Electric steps up patent dealmaking activity

Japan’s biggest PCT filer has been selling off assets, spurring litigation in multiple sectors

27 May 2021

China’s Vivo acquired patent portfolio from Ericsson

USPTO records show that wireless rights changed hands last year, in a transaction that could have been linked to a licence deal

20 May 2021

Chinese firm to buy LED assets and 10,000+ patents from LG Innotek

Korean smartphone supplier has been on a selling spree lately as it pivots toward higher-value businesses

18 May 2021

Hyundai supplier promises big patent investments

Korean parts supplier Hyundai Mobis is only the latest Asian auto giant that is focusing more on its IP portfolio

17 May 2021

Finding out who owns a patent is far harder than it should be – and that’s a problem

Lack of transparency around ownership is not always deliberate, but seeing through the fog is vital if IP is ever to become a fully-fledged asset class

14 May 2021

Oppo buys wireless patent portfolio from ZTE

Telecoms equipment firm continues to monetise its portfolio in the wake of several transactions with NPEs

14 May 2021

LG’s smartphone portfolio is a treasure trove of high-quality 4G and 5G SEPs

The South Korean company is reportedly looking for buyers of its mobile patents. Given what may be available, it shouldn’t have to try too hard

07 May 2021

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