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Moneyball inspired Uber’s data science approach to patent ROI calculation

Company IP head Bill Harmon explains how a rules engine has helped build a quality portfolio while coming in under-budget

30 November 2021

China patent term extensions create new pitfalls for pharma innovators

Life sciences IP professionals must work closer than ever before with regulatory teams to ensure eligibility for lucrative exclusivity add-ons

30 November 2021

Taiwan lens maker turns to patent enforcement amid rising competition

Lawsuit against Lenovo’s Motorola Mobility signals shift in company’s strategy as it turns to its patent portfolio for value creation opportunities

30 November 2021

Pfizer acts quickly to tackle alleged covid-19 vaccine trade secrets misappropriation

With strong policies in place to protect confidential information, the company was able to take swift action against an employee after becoming aware of suspicious activity

25 November 2021

“Every crisis brings about innovation" – how the vaccine race is transforming biopharma IP

From greater respect for researchers to a fresh focus on compulsory licences, IAM’s Global Leaders share their views on how the life sciences space has been changed by the quest for covid-19 vaccines

24 November 2021

Corporate IP heads reveal invention harvesting tricks of the trade

Leaders from Johnson Controls, JUUL Labs, Valo Health and IBM discuss tried-and-true methods of capturing innovation, as well as lessons learned from the pandemic

23 November 2021

Technology trends – why patent your hidden AI?

Co-published – The case for securing protection has never been stronger, and is likely to become even more compelling over the coming years

22 November 2021

Chinese law should do more to encourage joint patent licensing, says adviser to country's IP courts

Professor Cui Guobin says that both patent owners and implementers want greater clarity around pools and antitrust law

22 November 2021

The IP story to engage the c-suite is there, but it takes bravery to tell it

Saturday Opinion: After a highly successful IPBC in Seattle earlier this week, it is clear that there has never been a better time to take the value creation gospel to the boardroom

20 November 2021

How Aon helps lenders and borrowers manage risk in IP-backed deals

Brian Hinman, chief commercial officer at Aon IP Solutions, tells IAM how the group facilitates IP-backed funding deals centred on high-quality assets

18 November 2021

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