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End of Velos joint licensing programme leaves two pools for HEVC standard

Velos Media will still offer a licence to 400 of its own assets, but no longer lists BlackBerry, Ericsson, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony and Qualcomm as licensors

08 December 2022

Former judges and government officials strike back to defend antitrust attack on Avanci patent pool

Twenty-five signatories are defending the platform in the wake of earlier allegations of competitive harm

02 December 2022

Bilibili - The Chinese tech company mitigating overseas litigation risks via a patent pool approach

General Counsel Nan Liu speaks with IAM about international strategies, NPE threats and the UPC

01 December 2022

How patent pools have fuelled technology licensing

As Via Licensing marks its 20th anniversary, its journey illustrates the importance of collaborative working – as well as the challenges to overcome

30 November 2022

As Huawei launches SEP litigations, its IP chiefs discuss push into newer tech areas

Alan Fan and Emil Zhang tell IAM about the company’s approaches to automotive, Wi-Fi 6 and HEVC patents

29 November 2022

Breaking: Sisvel launches cellular IoT patent pool with 20 licensors

Licensing programme aims to boost uptake of Internet of Things cellular standards

09 November 2022

Petition to DoJ antitrust division poses little threat to Avanci patent pool

Calls to revisit a business review letter likely to fall flat taking into account prior practice, court rulings

20 October 2022

Patent pools pass the antitrust test and are here to stay, say IAM event delegates

As long as key issues of concern are always addressed, collective licensing will continue to get regulatory sign-off

27 September 2022

Avanci 2G-4G patent programme covers over 80% of connected auto market after deals surge

Honda, Toyota and Nissan among the major manufacturers to become licensees, three weeks after deadline for securing $15 per unit rate ended

21 September 2022

Opus audio codec pool announces call for patents ahead of launch

Dolby and Fraunhofer are founding licensors for the programme, which will be run by Vectis IP and covers technology instrumental in videoconferencing and live audio

15 September 2022

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