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Provenance and transparency: secret weapons to revolutionise brand value

Companies cannot afford to be indifferent to ESG practices – transforming their approach will have a substantial impact on shareholder value and other intangible assets.

14 December 2022

Rapid product growth spurs patent activity at Palo Alto Networks

IP head George Simion tells IAM in an exclusive interview that quality – not quantity – drives his portfolio diversification programme

06 December 2022

Bilibili - The Chinese tech company mitigating overseas litigation risks via a patent pool approach

General Counsel Nan Liu speaks with IAM about international strategies, NPE threats and the UPC

01 December 2022

As Huawei launches SEP litigations, its IP chiefs discuss push into newer tech areas

Alan Fan and Emil Zhang tell IAM about the company’s approaches to automotive, Wi-Fi 6 and HEVC patents

29 November 2022

A ‘brand’ new approach to intellectual asset mapping at Spotify

An updated framework allows for renewed understanding of the way that a broad array of potential brand assets can drive value for knowledge companies

23 November 2022

‘Business and IP activities must change’ – Panasonic IP director speaks out

The current ecosystem requires the active utilisation of assets, says Yoshiaki Tokuda

23 November 2022

Early patent licensing strategy, investment helped GE Licensing revolutionise LED displays

As its PFS licensing programme turns 10, GE’s IP executives reflect on lessons learned in cracking a brand new market

22 November 2022

Legal IP experts weigh in on how AI is transforming work practices

Five of IAM’s 2023 Global Leaders discuss the game-changing impact on law firm practices

21 November 2022

How eight of the world’s leading patent lawyers stay ahead of the curve

IAM’s 2023 Global Leaders share their future-proofing strategies and tips for how to weather future storms

16 November 2022

A holistic approach to managing your trade secrets' health

Featured in Special Report 2022 Q4: Trade secret strategy playbook

16 November 2022

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