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Gender-name tool to change the game for patent diversity analysis

ROI releases free gender-name estimator tool to aid understanding of the inventor community

28 March 2023

How Nokia is driving the transformation of IoT patent licensing, deal by deal

Nokia Technologies’ Head of IoT Licensing talks exclusively to IAM

27 March 2023

Holistic IP strategy layering multiple forms of protection covers innovation at Waymo

In an exclusive interview, IP head Van Nguy reveals her rubric for building a foundational portfolio on emerging tech including a mix of patents, trade secrets and trade dress

22 March 2023

Women leaving legal profession in Malaysia despite lack of 'glass ceiling'

Maxis IP specialist Kimberly Tey discusses her experience and gender representation in the legal field

17 March 2023

Neurodiversity and mental health: Celebrating difference in the IP profession

This Neurodiversity Celebration Week, Equifax IP chief Elizabeth Lester shares her personal experience and approach to working with neurodivergent innovators

14 March 2023

Allegations of royalty underpayments in two new litigations are the tip of the iceberg

Audit programmes are clearly critical, as evinced by the lawsuits and a report showing 87% of licensees underpay their royalties

08 March 2023

A roadmap for industry-academia collaboration to advance IP policy

Ethical and transparent partnerships can help resolve pressing issues all while furthering a company’s goals and interests

08 March 2023

A fresh brew: revitalising Starbucks’ patent strategy

IP director Russ Jacobs sits down with IAM to discuss his ‘programmatic approach’ to the coffee chain’s intellectual assets

03 March 2023

Meet the man who helps innovative operating companies realise huge patent ROI

Ron Epstein’s IP advisory firm acts as “virtual in-house counsel” for small companies and his recent successes include a $150 million settlement for one client and half-a-billion in verdicts for another

01 March 2023

Samsung deal and nine other licences grow Adeia’s Q4 earnings by 15%

As the Xperi spin-out reports its first annual earnings since becoming a standalone licensing business its executives celebrate revenue growth and chart a course for 2023

24 February 2023

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