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Cisco Women’s Inventor Network leads to jump in female representation on patents

WIN++ mentorship programme is a path to progress with tangible results

03 May 2023

From gatekeeper to gateway: Pure Storage patent team continues to redefine inclusive innovation

A new programme is encouraging untapped potential innovators to speak up - with positive results

21 April 2023

Finding stealth prior art before it finds you

Lessons should be learned from Minerva’s mistakes to avoid costly patent protection errors

20 April 2023

People partnerships driving Adeia’s hybrid bonding patent licensing momentum

On the heels of the Xperi spin-out signing major 3D NAND memory players, IAM sat down with company executives to discuss the company’s approach

18 April 2023

Meet the new leader of IBM’s IP monetisation team

Charles Varvaro has big shoes to fill, but his relationships in the industry and business strategy acumen are up to the task

14 April 2023

IAM’s top takeaways from day one of IPBC Europe 2023

We reflect on what we heard about SEP licensing, mediation, trade secrets and the UPC from industry leaders

12 April 2023

Walking the tightrope between infringement notice and declaratory judgment risk

A carefully written letter puts a competitor on notice of infringement without creating legal controversy

05 April 2023

Scaling green innovation: New IP challenges in the sustainability transition

Corporate abilities to collaborate and share technology across the value chain, including with competitors, and to govern business ecosystems effectively will be key

05 April 2023

IBM’s IP monetisation guru steps down after 33-year career

In an exclusive interview, Bill LaFontaine reflects on what made Big Blue’s IP monetisation programme successful as he gears up to launch an IP strategic advisory consultancy

03 April 2023

Samsung claims against former IP head and patent counsel to proceed

A Texas judge rules that seeking to dismiss counterclaims against Seung-Ho Ahn and Sungil Cho ‘rings of forum shopping’

30 March 2023

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